5 December 2009

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[livejournal.com profile] rhoddlet's drabble made me think. or rather, write. i'm -supposed- to be writing other things right now, but whenever i think that, it means i won't do it. i -want-, i really really want to write my birthday fic and get it off my chest. but who wishes anyone a happy birthday 2 weeks late, anyway? well, i will. no, i -will-. even harry-- i have harry yet to wish a happy birthday too. poor woobie. oh well, he'll forgive me. ahahaha i give him sex, he -has- to forgive me. also, i haven't been reading my friends page (er... taking a break, or something), so if i haven't responded to your brilliant whatever-it-is, just comment with a link and i will, okay? okay.

so. here it is. expect my posts to be ficcish for the next few days or week or whatever. hopefully. then back to meta. yes, i'm sure everyone's holding their breath or whatever. i'm on a roll, though. heheheeh. and i'm a feedback slut, so.

    `Thirst' - hermione-centric ficlet, dark, semi-warfic. did i mention dark? and weird? and very much inspired by rhoddlet. )
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happy!d/p is a challenge, 'cause it's so -easy- to make him want harry instead, heheh. so. um. i wrote something or other. mostly, this is a messed-up pansy-centric character piece, but whatever.

`Breeding' - Pansy-centric - pg13 or so. Pansy Parkinson knows what she wants, and she's willing to work to get it. )
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This goes out to you, [livejournal.com profile] fandombitches. I actually wasn't going to post this story. I wrote it last night at Sara's request, and I'm kind of sick to my stomach about it, and it disturbs me. I dislike -writing- rape & non-con & anger & pain and things, because those things hurt to imagine too vividly.

They're not sparkly or fun or sexy when you actually have to immerse yourself in them to write, but that doesn't mean they're not good and worthwhile things to write about, because if we just wrote about the pretty, we would allow ourselves to forget that the world isn't like that. So yes. I'm pretty disturbed by this story and by myself, when writing it. But then, I'm not 13, and I imagine I wouldn't have wanted to read this then... though I wrote my first rape-fic when I was 15, and was disturbed then too. But something about the subject wouldn't let go, I guess. It's a demon, and even when I think I can ignore it, it doesn't ignore me, so.

Fic - `As Good As He Got' - NC-17 - H/D - Non-con, Rape, Violence, disturbing subject matter. Discretion advised. )
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Thanks to Aja and well, honestly, myself, I am now gifted with a Grand Mission.

I have to ask the `general populace', which is to say, all and sundry, anyone who would listen:

What do Harry and Draco think about fucking?


Actually, that came out very silly. Aja would've done it better.

`What Everyone Wants to Know' - Malfoy has a question, take one. - H/D drabble thingie, PG13. I took my own advice, obviously. A little -too- well. Heh. )

and another, actually.... whoa...

`Chances Are' - NC17 H/D boyporn!! wah!! I couldn't help myself!! Er. - Malfoy has a question, and Harry has an answer. - This one's for Aja, btw. )
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I wrote Ron/Ginny. *laughs* At least -some- of you might like that, if the writing itself were good. It's just been one of those days. Anyway. Seriously, seriously tell me if it doesn't work (and well, `how' would be good, but eh). No, really. Well, if you read it :>

Fic: Nerve - Ron/Ginny - Yep, that means incest - PWP, kinda - R. )
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Er. So dude. I wrote this a few days ago, mostly because my other fic, `Nerve' (which this is a prequel to, actually), didn't make sense from Ron's perspective, and the idea of writing Ron's perspective appeals to me. I actually like this story a lot more, even though there's no sex. It's mostly just Ginny & Ron the summer before fourth year, I think. I've never written anything quite like it before, and even though it's unbetaed, so is most of my stuff, so.

Anyway. This is for [livejournal.com profile] kitsune13, without whom Weasleycest would never even begin to cross my mind. Dude, and now I want to write more >:D Hee.

Fic! `Just a Girl' - Ron/Ginny - incest - PG13.... Ginny just wants to play make-believe.... )
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So um... this is random. [livejournal.com profile] suckeriove asked me to write a `Harry the Dirty Dog' drabble, possibly with `Draco the Messy Dragon' thrown in for good measure o_0 It was my own fault, I assure you, however.

I just wrote this in a bit of a flurry, the past half an hour. It got a bit too long to paste in a comment to her, so here 'tis. Not really a -fic-, per se, but hey. I've never actually written 11 year-old Draco before. Whad'ya know. First time for everything. o_0

`Harry the Dirty Dog' - first-year!Draco - mirrors! weirdness! - PGness! - drabblage! ...Don't ask me why. Please. -.- )
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Um. So there's the Men Without Pants challenge, and. I can't resist a name like that. I just. Can't. And. Forgive me ><;; It's not -for- the challenge though, exactly, 'cause this is now and that is in what? Three weeks? And like... why wait? Strip now. That's my philosophy.

`Arrested Development' - For Aja, of course - H/D but not really, uh - R? - Ron. Harry. Talk about pants. Figure it out. )
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When Lasair bemoaned the sad lack of Quality H/D (contrasted with the sad prevalence of H/S of various qualities, types and sizes) since OoTP, she most definitely didn't mean -this-. When Nef made that hilarious reference to premature-ejaculatory adolescent groping as related to the last Matrix, I'm sure this wasn't even on the horizon. Yet!

I, as the purveyor of All Things Tastefully H/D and Entirely On The Up-and-Up, present you this masterpiece of humor and canonical rigor. I have toiled long and hard on this glorious effort of my ever-vigilant mind, bringing together many months of deep deliberation and the essentially pure toil of my heart. Ahem.

And now, for the really-bad-and-not-actually-all-that-funny humor portion of this evening. - Fic! - H/D - `The Horror' - yes, that's the title. )
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Um. Nothing like a nice, relaxing bit of not-quite-porn to break things up a bit. This is why I'm here. This is what I do. This is what's important.

Hello, my name is Reena. I write gay porn instead of doing homework. *curtsies*

`The Sound of Wings' - H/D - NC17 - written last night while half-asleep. - It's the little things that matter in the end - war, blood and blow-jobs. What else is there, eh? )
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I know there's a number of you who won't read this 'cause it's H/D, so. Um. I love you anyway. But since I'm not prolific enough for write a pairing for everyone, I'll just-- um-- pretend it's the thought that counts. :-?

I wrote fic as a sort of Christmas present to y'all-- well, I mean, what else can I do? Heh. And look ma, no porn!

`By the Book' - H/D - R - A Malfoy Christmas story. <3 )
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This whole fic is basically me being contrary and unreasonable, hahah. See, H/D is my favorite pairing for a reason-- it's because it's got to be the most insane-yet-vaguely-possible pairing there is. It's all contrariness and snark and conflict and juvenile grudges and impossible dreams and hormones. That just tells you way more about me than I should be comfortable with, ahaha.

I wrote it on utter whim after reading Telanu's post about how she's sick of H/S after being so monogamous to it for 2 years. I totally dig that, man. So often I get so sick of H/D it's not even funny. They stick in my craw like mad-- it's been one and a half years, and, I mean. Soon I'll forget other things -exist-. Ahh, sweet obsession, how I lurve thee. And hate thee. And then there's the porn. That's basically it. It's all about the porn. Feel the love, man.

So! Ficlet! `As Is' - H/D - R - Feel the love, baby, for the first time, for the last time. The OTP is dead. Long live the OTP!... Yes, how meta. -.- )
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I saw `Peter Pan'. I loved it. I also had severe problems with with it. No, there isn't going to be a review. Nitpicking is both too easy and kind of pointless. I realized I could easily write (more) Peter Pan fanfic, however.

For some reason this made me ponder why I write in a particular fandom.

That aside, mostly I just wanted to post the fic. I just wrote it in a half-asleep daze at about 5am today, after seeing the movie. I have all these issues with the ending, mostly because I'm so invested in Barrie's ending, bittersweet and problematic and painful as it is for me. I'm obsessed with Wendy waiting, always -waiting-, and Peter coming back too late. So anyway. There you go. Fic.

`Impossible Things' - Peter Pan fanfic - Because everyone has to learn not to wish for what they cannot have.... )
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Fear and love go together for me, hand in hand, always tearing at each other and staring coldly across the room. Fear/love, that's my OTP. No real person will ever actually be enough for me, 'cause I'll always be imagining pieces of them, attaching them on like wings for Icarus.

`Wings for Icarus' - really rather strange Peter Pan fanfic. Heeeee! <333333 Some of you might like it. Or not. Why did I write it, anyway? )
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I found this site with wonderful reviews of Season 6 eps, and now I'm all "wah!!" even about the ones I'd sort of wished never existed. My god. Maybe it's just easier to love Season 6 in retrospect, I dunno. What I do know is that it blows me away, now.

The two of them just break my heart, and I think I wrote this H/D fic kind of about Buffy and Spike, because I can't write about -them-, and everything is a metaphor to me anyway. *sigh* Isn't it funny that I just wrote an H/D angst fic and all I can think about is still Buffy and Spike? Hah. Anyway... um... not beta'd or anything. Mostly just my state of mind right about now, if anyone's interested.

`Love for the Strong' - H/D - R - You always hurt the ones you love. )
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Er. Well. How to I explain... er... excuse this. I wrote it in the last 20-30 minutes or so. Could be anything. Is probably Spike & Buffy, but then, I'm obsessive like that and everything looks green when I've got green on my mind. That sort of thing. It's probably embarrassingly over-the-top and angsty and "whoa, woe" sort of, but. It's not even fanfic... hahah, the wonders of never naming anyone directly. Isn't it great?

Anyway, don't wanna babble. Here goes.

`After the Fire' - Buffy/Spike if you want it to be. Mostly just metaphors run amok, really. )
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I was wrong, I think, about being able to write oodles of B/S. I -feel- their dynamic, pretty instinctively, but... Spike, basically... is rather far away from me. And it doesn't help that I don't know the canon as well as I should. And also, it took me months upon months to feel comfortable with H/D, to really get a feel for their voices, long after I had a feel for their dynamic. I dunno if I ever want to go through that for any other pairing ever again.

It's such a commitment, really, emotionally tuning yourself to characters that matter to you. Like you're playing an instrument and if you've got a good ear, you feel you need to hit all the notes just right. And for that, you need practice, practice, practice.

Anyway. So yeah, I wrote one, but it's not gonna be a habit.

Buffy fic: `A Dance for Tomorrow' - B/S - life goes on, even when it doesn't. )
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Mostly, this is to say that I've written a Ginny/Pansy fic. Yeah, I'm a bit surprised myself. Though if I was going to do any femmeslash HP pairing, it'd be that. 'Can't very well slash Hermione (my Hermione is probably more prudish than I've seen her written by -anyone-... she's just... er... not one of those hot sort of nerds, in my head). Then again, it occurs to me that I don't want -most- HP characters to get naked where I can see. It's not that there's something wrong with -them-... it's me. All me. And I don't wanna see them naked, man. Like... Luna...? Noooo. Millicent?? God no! Cho? Too whiny. Tonks? I call her "Mary Sue". Fleur? Oh, ok. Yes, I'm very very shallow.

Possibly... the only wanna-see-her-nekkid girl would be Lily, actually. I'd slash her, man. But with -who-? Also, hate the whole not-meant-to-be-with-anyone-'cause-she's-married-and-dead thing. Also, I'm so not down with the Lily/Narcissa. Although. Hmmmmm... pretty.... *coughs* But anyway. Where was I? Oh yes. Femmeslash. The H/D of femmeslash, even. Has H/D -in- it, actually... but not really enough to advertise.

So yeah-- femmeslash. Lacking several keywords that you'll (almost) never see me use 'cause they're so bloody awful: clit, vagina, vulva, pussy, nub, vaginal fluid, juices (!!), muff (just in case), clitoris, hole, channel, love-channel, center, womb, passage, sweet funky heaven.... Yeah, I just wanted to say all that. I have no shame. And my favorite word for "it"? Is now quim ('cunt' is now dethroned) :D :D

`The Golden Rules' - Ginny/Pansy - NC-17 - Wherein deals are made, rules are broken, and revenge is served with a smile. )
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Disclaimer: no claims of ownership implied.

Author's Note: Written for the HP Flashficathon Harry/Remus post-Hogwarts request. Very vaguely inspired by "The Little Red Riding Hood" fairy-tale as told by Charles Perrault.

The Boy and The Wolf )
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I don't actually know if I can write a straight-forward love-story, so you can pretty much count on things not being what they seem. I wish them to be happy and I wish -you- to be happy, but much more so, I would wish for honesty, for self-knowledge. Love will come. Peace will come. In the beginning (or is that the end?), there is acceptance. If you keep being you, then nothing can stop you, you know? I believe that.

Fic, for Amalin ~ `The Beginning' - H/D ~ wherein things are not what they seem. )
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So, voila! H/D fic du jour. Barely over a 1,000 words, too, which is... unusual for me. I like the whole short-and-bitter thing, I think.

`Copper Ashes' - H/D - PG13 - The blood is in his mouth and the time is up. )
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I easily admit I'm kinda high on sugar right now, but this H/D MST3K smutfic is cracking me up big time. It really is.

There should be more of these things. Mockity mock mock mock. Dude. I think I see my calling... calling to me. *coughs* 'Course, when I try writing a parody... well, let's just say it involves cheesecake and carrots -.-

The only problem is, I can't fully mock the -fics-, 'cause I can't mock -them-. I can only gently tease them. Grrrr. Grrrr, I say!!

...So I wrote an insane semi-parody way-too-fluffy and not-really-as-funny-as-I-think H/D mpreg, ahahahahahahah. Except not (just-- trust me). It's the sugar, I tell you. The sugar. Hehehe, feel free to MST3K or whatever, etc etc. This is just a bit of late-nite insanity, man.

`First Comes Love' - H/D - R - Mpreg parody type thing, except not. You know. Er. May be hazardous to your health. Proceed with all due caution. )
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Why do I write these things..?? Why, why, why...?

Is it because I care..? Is it because there can never be enough H/D porn...? Is it because I simply have too much time to waste...??

Sigh. Oh well, more porn it is, then. Woe. Woe indeed.

`Minute Man' - H/D - NC17 - because there's nothing quite like porn for breakfast. )
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For the record, I blame [livejournal.com profile] psychobarfly for this entirely and completely. It is true that Minute Man!Draco is a lot like her Draco (heh heh), and... it was rather amusing seeing it from his perspective, so off I went. It's really weird, remembering that my non-pov characters have motivations too, man. Whoa.

All right, so if any of you wanted a semi-fluffy Draco-pov follow-up to "Minute Man", here's your chance, Lance. (urgh)

It's not porn because I'm tired and I need to be... um... inspired. And I was having too much fun writing smug!Draco, as per PsychoB's instructions, teehee. It's just a bit of R-rated silliness, really. But no mpreg this time, ahahah.

`Coming Clean' - sequel - R - because Draco's mum taught him to clean behind his ears, no? )
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It's easier to write-- and sometimes even read-- pairings I don't care about. I feel like I'm -too- invested in H/D, -too- invested in a specific Draco (I'm rather laid back with Harry, and also most people don't really mess with his characterization too widely). Sometimes it feels impossible to read one more H/D fic without losing it in either joy or disgust. I really do think in writing, at least, I really benefit from the concept of "critical distance"-- that is, writing about things I'm not -too- close to somehow. Maybe I'm just too hard on my H/D fics, I dunno. *sigh*. But I wrote this because I was feeling Neville's rage. Go figure.

It occurs to me that Harry/Neville is a bit like the Draco/Zacharias of ships, ahahahaha. For some reason, this really amuses me. Also, when did I get over my need to have every fic be sekritly H/D? Ahahaha.

Ficlet! `Home of the Brave' - Harry/Neville - wherein Neville is finally angry enough to follow. )
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I was inspired to write a ghost!Malfoy ficlet. I dunno, it's kinda (really) pointless, but ghost!Draco really inspires me. I've written him once, and I can definitely see doing it again. Credit for said inspiration goes to [livejournal.com profile] malafede, who's my partner in porn crime, these days :D

`Hearing Things' - H/D, kinda, but not - They say that once they dig into you, Malfoys don't let go.... )
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I dunno what it is. But. I wrote a weird Ginny/Luna after-sex drabble which is... well, weird. So I didn't wanna just post it publically... heh. But I have no shame. Not that it's -that- bad, it's just. I don't know. Ginny/Luna? What am I on, anyway?

...Don't answer that.

`Green Apples' - Ginny/Luna - R? - tastes may vary. )
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Ack! Well, I'm late again. As usual, because I suck. But! [livejournal.com profile] glockgal asked for Harry/Luna last year, and this year I've (sort of) cracked it :D I would be proud, except... not. But anyway.

A ficlet for thee! - `but slowly' - Harry/Luna - The thing to know about Harry was that he was a bit slow, as such things went.... )
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I've had a lot of angst about this bit of porn, you understand. Angst! Angst, I tell you!! Aaaaaugh I hate editing. Hate, hate, hate, hate, HATE. If it sucks... I'm really sorry. And. I'm still not working on it anymore. Because I suck.

Fic! for Duckpuppy! - `The Plot' - H/D - NC17 - Malfoy dogs Harry's steps all the way to the edge-- and beyond. )
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So, in honor (*snerk*) of my unfluffy mood, I thought I'd post a drabble I wrote a week ago and was too disturbed/embarrassed by to post publically at the time, about undead!Harry risen from the grave to um... 'get' Draco. Muwahahahaha!!

`Lover's Walk' - H/D - horror!drabble )
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So... [livejournal.com profile] addictedkitten has inspired me, though not to porn (sadly). She probably wouldn't like this, anyway. But. I read that fragment from T.S. Eliot's `The Dry Salvages' she'd posted, and realized it reminded me of Ginny. The contrast between time & timelessness, between permanence & fleeting emotion. ... but you are the music / While the music lasts. Yes.

I had a split between the old, darker Ginny and my newer, more girl-power-yeay type Ginny in my fics for awhile now. This ficlet is my attempt at reconciliation; it sits somewhere in the middle, probably with a moody frown and some cloves as the music plays on. Mmm, cloves.

Also, I've been wanting to write Tom more; not Tom-and-Ginny by any means-- just Tom. *sigh* Maybe this is a start. Am I trying to excuse posting a moody Ginny ficlet most people won't read, purely because Ginny entertains me? Ahahahah. Um. Yeah. -.-

Ficlet! - `Echoes' - Ginny-centric, with shadows of het & femslash, but mostly Tom - these precious things/ let them bleed.... )
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I wrote this with the all-important word 'honey' in mind, and Draco Malfoy: the most lovable boy any of us can imagine.

Remember: Draco Malfoy loves you too!! (Or... he will once I have a little talk with him). But moving on....

Fic: `Draco Malfoy Strikes Back' - H/D, kinda - because Draco Malfoy is one oppressed little boy-- er-- man. Also known as `Draco's Foolproof Plan to Kill Potter Dead This Time'. )
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I should actually stop writing porn, I know this, but then I get -asked- so like... I have an excuse, and [livejournal.com profile] malafede promised more girl!Draco, and who could resist -that-?

Anyway, this is my ficcish shout into the wilderness re: how very gay Malfoy really is. (See... I wrote a fic about Harry's Gay last year, now it's Draco's turn. Or something.) Whatever. Basically, this is for [livejournal.com profile] malafede.

`Queer as Malfoy' - H/D NC-17 etcetc - All in all, Draco Malfoy was looking very gay indeed.... )
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Some people might say I'm being hypocritical by posting this bit of semi-fluff-- I just like to think of it as being... er... refreshingly multi-faceted. Anyway, ahahah, there was this post about how/why would canon!Draco say 'I love you', and whether he might say it more easily just to get stuff from people 'cause he's a brat. Heh.

So of course I couldn't resist. Especially 'cause presently I'm working on a long-ass dark!Draco fic, and I think I needed a break. I'm one of those people who have severe issues writing Draco saying that-- ever-- to anyone-- so it was a challenge, imagining how Draco would actually say that casually and remain in character. This bit of silliness resulted.

Those who do actually have a serious thing about er... non-angsty things should probably... er... stay away. Anyway, this isn't fluff, per se. Maybe. That is my story and I'm sticking to it!!1 Damn all you temptresses, whittling away at my resolve.

Ficlet! - `Gifts' - H/D, D/P - R-rated? - Draco is a very bad boy. Oh, he really is. But he luuuurves Pan-- Har-- stuff. )
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Well... I wrote this because [livejournal.com profile] layha asked for Harry/Snape... which I do read, even though I don't ship it (OTP issues, y'know), so it's not like this was a trial. Naturally, it grew way (way) past its intended drabble size. H/S is one of those pairings that would make sense to be hard to drabble on the first go, no?

Anyway, I would muchly appreciate any sort of... er... constructive something, since this is my first try and all. Just don't hurt me :> Hahaha.

I blame listening to much Coldplay and the Doves' version of `Blackbird' on repeat for this. Oh, and my sudden whim to skim Telanu's fic. I... well, this is nothing like that. But one could guess that, right? Heh. This is me, after all.

So yes. This is my basic Occlumency fic.

`Blackbird Fly' - Harry/Snape(!) for Layha - into the light of the dark black night.... )
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So anyway, this was randomly inspired by a line in another H/D fic I had in my way-old browser history, where Hermione's like, "what do you see in him?" and Harry's like, "ummmmmm... I don't know." And so I was intrigued. But! No guarantees for quality, etcetera etcetera.

Fic! = An Unlikely Pair (Or: Like a Car-Wreck) = H/D = R, baby = What did he see in him? That's what everyone wants to know. )
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So, um. I really really liked the last issue of Books of Magick: Life During Wartime. There was more slash, and lookit! I caught a bunny! And it's not my porn bunny which I could've at least dedicated to Sara or Aspen (Happy Birthday, btw! eek!); this one just took me by surprise, and poof! Don't you love it when that happens? Also, I uh, probably meant this to be BoM fanfic except that would take actual mental effort.

Um. This is really odd, and dark, and... um. Well, I'd say it's a darker Harry than I've written recently, but it's really not. I'm kind of pleased with myself (first thing I've finished in ages! w00t! I rule, clearly), though I suspect this makes little enough sense to anyone but me. Alas. Let this be a lesson: this is what happens when you listen to Live and David Bowie back to back after reading messed up comics.

`We Call Them Gods' - R - H/D - being of the Wicked and the more than slightly twisted. More on what happens when you mix satyr blood and wine.... )
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Just now [livejournal.com profile] malafede felt compelled to share this link to one of Makofu's H/D pics, and I was, in turn, compelled to drabble. So.

This is kind of weird and abstract and angsty, to go with the serene-yet-vaguely-disturbing mood of the pic. Also, this is rather regressive of me, somewhat in the oldstyle!H/D kinda groove....

Ficlet - `Written First' - oldstyle!H/D - Sometimes he almost wants to say the words... )
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All right, I know it's embarrassing, but apparently the silly astrology thing wasn't done with me yet. If only because I'm often given to laughing at the very things I find myself dubiously interested in. It's a thing.

So I wrote a Harry/Draco version: the Leo/Gemini files remix. Or something. It had to be done.

Ficlet! ~ `Bait and Switch' - H/D - where Harry's philosophy remains simple yet effective, and Draco is too feisty for his own good. )
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I suspect I should avoid discussion anytime someone mentions certain pairings, perhaps. Because otherwise my sick, easily excitable little mind gets a work out, and -this- happens.

Writing this did make me feel better, however. I do warn you there's no threesomes and quite a bit of... um, pissed!Harry angst. Not that this is news, since I did write it. Actually, Harry-centric Ron/Draco was so obvious I couldn't not write it, once it hit me. Oh man oh man -.-

Fic~! `Vent' - Ron/Draco, Harry - NC17 - Because sometimes there's no way out or in when it's needed most. )
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I'm just tickled that Draco's a Gemini, and in honor of that I spent a pathetic amount of time trolling astrology sites. In the end, naturally I had to scribble a bit 'cause I was so overwhelmed with love, clearly. And also felt the need to poke fun; y'know, the usual.

A drabble for Draco - `Signs' - 330 words - On the subject of Draco's superior... something or other. )
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Um. So this is my messed-up idea of fixing things for Draco after my last drabble, which means it's a sequel, I guess. I just realized that he's Draco Malfoy, and he wouldn't stand for that sort of abuse, right? Right.

So I listened to Ani DiFranco some more. Bad idea -.-

`Break the Skin' - H/D - You think Draco Malfoy is sucking you off to prove a point, and you're letting him.  )
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I think I'm in some sort of renewed H/D fugue. I can feel people rolling their eyes, I swear to god :> :> Ah well, I should be asleep, but I wrote a drabble, and it reminds me of Ani DiFranco.

`Untouchable' - H/D - 500 words - When you run out, he runs back in. )
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Um. Sooo... I wrote an H/D fic just now. I don't know what to say about it. I'm sort of stunned. It probably sucks, I dunno, but. Hey, I'm amazed I feel like it's finished in some way. Mostly, it's a response against the whole... um, limp-noodle post-HBP!Draco phenomenon that drives me up the wall.

I have tried hard to like limp-noodle!Draco. These are the... um, rather disturbing results of my attempt at reconciliation (and/or mockery). HBP H/D. I sort of want to laugh at myself. Who am I kidding, I -am- laughing at myself. *facepalm*

`The Evolution Principle' - H/D - Draco woke up without his anger one summer day after he'd become a man.... )
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So, um... I don't know what came over me, but I wrote a tiny post-HBP (sort of) Luna/Ginny ficlet.... Um. Here. I wrote this for Amalin, who probably doesn't want it, actually :D

`True Stories' - Luna/Ginny - 'It's simple, really,' Luna said idly, staring off into the night. 'Let's never grow up.' )
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AAAAAARgh, I seriously cannot wait to post this even though I'm spamming y'all :(( I haven't written H/D fluff in FOREVER, but I love [livejournal.com profile] lillithium's watercolors so I was inspired, but they're just so soft and sweet and fluffy, IT WASN'T MY FAULT, OKAY?? Not my fault!! *cries*

Okay, so. Like. Don't hurt me, I wrote H/D vaguely PWP post-war fluff :( :( *repents immediately!!* :( And yes, I'm trying to both write & avoid my angsty plotty Death Eater!Draco fic. :/ WAH.

H/D ficlet~! 'Sparklers' - H/D - PG13 - Sometimes we all need a little light to show, and to keep. )
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Sooo... um, well, I did say it was a resurgence :D Oddly, it was reading this poem called 'Phenomenology of the Prick', which is a great title if there ever was one and got ridiculously inspired-- enough to write a whole fic around it. Which makes this a poem!fic, slightly less embarrassing than a song!fic. Maybe. Er... yeah. -.-
    So basically it fits into my pre-existing desire to write something that wasn't fluffy... and also wasn't my novella. For which I'm practicing! I mean... um, I can do that, right?? ^^;;

It... well, it isn't fluffy. :D Back to your regularly scheduled Reena, basically. Whew!! >:D

Fic~!! 'The Prick' - H/D NC17, baby - 'You know it, whether or not he does: Harry fucking Potter wants Draco Malfoy to see his cock.' )
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    It's just a random bit of fluffy... um, randomness 'cause I'm avoiding everything else. I'd paste it to someone directly to get some sort of response, but no one's online or you're all hiding from me, so here goes nothing. Plus I feel a bit insecure 'cause no one said anything about my snippets on the anon meme (but, y'know, I didn't choose them v. carefully-- just what I was working on, plus it's a longfic that needs the build-up, etcetc).

...I've always kinda wanted to write Theo/Zach, if only as part of a Theo/Zach/Blaise+Ginny... thing, but that's just me & Sara :D

    God, I'm such a spammer lately -.-;; Err, concrit welcome if anyone wants to bother :D :D
    Aaaaanyway. No need to get excited, I'm just sort of in the random writing mood, so if you want to give me a drabble prompt, have at it!

    Ficlet~! 'The Huff & Puff' - Theo/Zach, PG13 - Because Zacharias Smith just hates always being the snarky one. )
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I actually tried to exert some effort here, to write something worthwhile... anything... even a little bit... but no. I suck. This ficlet... also pretty much sucks. Read at your peril!! :P

...Though, uh, Ste tells me we all do dorky things out of fandom love. I think she is too kind ^^;; This is more like 'fandom senility', methinks :> Or possibly it's just crack. :-?

The Lamest Ficlet Of All Time~! Aka, '...And Then They Had Mad Sex (a play in two scenes)' - H/D )
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This was locked 'cause I wrote it while half-asleep, but uh... it's not anymore -.-;; I fixed it up a bit. Not a lot though, so beware of falling participles :P

It's an HBP AU (I KNOW!!) spin off from the Sectumsempra scene, as per [livejournal.com profile] malafede's request. Uh. As a warning, I listened to 'Nothing Compares 2 U'. On repeat -.-

`Sleep to Dream' - H/D - NC17 or so - Of course Malfoy is a dick and he deserved it, so why is Harry feeling sick? )
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I was just going to write a hopeless little snippet to demonstrate why I can't... really CAN'T(!) write S/R (or... anything else) of any substance, but then the snippet grew a bit and it's still stupid & pointless & fluffy & probably crackier than my last crack because I don't even try to stay within the bounds of plausibility that much (...yeah). But it's here if you want to point and laugh.

...Just don't read if you want a sensitive or sexy or... uh, remotely sane or even shippy S/R fic or just a good fic or whatever ^^;

- Can't Fool A Werewolf (or, Sirius Black Never Gets a Break) - I'm sorry, everybody. )
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So yes, to my own surprise, I wrote a V-Day H/D fic, the first one I remember finishing for February 14th. Um. It's all [livejournal.com profile] furiosity's fault, 'cause her fic reminded me of having written another pub fic ages ago ('Fighting Dirty') and I got all nostalgic for H/D, and also I realized I've never actually written smitten!Harry as such, much to [livejournal.com profile] mistful's onetime woe, hehe.

Well, I tried. Couldn't keep the sarcasm off the premises, but you can't say I didn't try! :P Anyway, um, enjoy? heh.

`Gagging for It' - H/D, baby - they say everyone's a fool for love, but Harry Potter is really an idiot. )
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This is what happens when I see too many mangas with extra-explicit kissing scenes where one person is always holding up the other as they swoon, clutching at them like a drowning person. Um. -.-;;; They say write what you know, but I write what I read. *facepalm*

`The Kissing Clause' - in which we discover that Harry is really a teenage girl. Or not. But Malfoy has a wicked tongue. )
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Ahhh I wrote another angst!ficlet. Y'know, my usual, I really can't help it sometimes.

Oh man, oh man. What do I even say. *facepalm* Oh right, H/D. A little porny.

And Longing, Longing, Longing-- (In between breaths, in another world, he watched him.) )


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