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    It's just a random bit of fluffy... um, randomness 'cause I'm avoiding everything else. I'd paste it to someone directly to get some sort of response, but no one's online or you're all hiding from me, so here goes nothing. Plus I feel a bit insecure 'cause no one said anything about my snippets on the anon meme (but, y'know, I didn't choose them v. carefully-- just what I was working on, plus it's a longfic that needs the build-up, etcetc).

...I've always kinda wanted to write Theo/Zach, if only as part of a Theo/Zach/Blaise+Ginny... thing, but that's just me & Sara :D

    God, I'm such a spammer lately -.-;; Err, concrit welcome if anyone wants to bother :D :D
    Aaaaanyway. No need to get excited, I'm just sort of in the random writing mood, so if you want to give me a drabble prompt, have at it!

Disclaimer: Not mine, can you believe it??

Author's Notes: this is basically as random as it gets, folks.

- the huff & puff -

"God," Zacharias muttered. "I hate always being the snarky one."

Theo just looked at him, unimpressed. "Riiiight."

"It's true!" His nose wrinkled up as he bristled. It was kind of... almost... cute. What a bloody Hufflepuff, Theo reflected. "Those nincompoops never bother to think or ask questions or anything! They just follow along with whatever the bloody Gryffs are up to, and then act like I'm such a shocking rebel if I point out the sodding loo smells funny or ask any questions. It's ridiculous!"

"Your life is full of woe and angst, Smith." He lay back on the blanket they'd spread across the stone floor of the observatory. The stars seemed extra twinkly tonight, or maybe that was just the Muggle weed Smith was kind enough to provide. "Me, I think I'm getting a touch chilly, myself."

Zacharias turned his head to glare at him, but the blond curls got into his eyes and the effect was somewhat ruined. "Hmm. I wonder why that is."

"Hasn't anyone ever told you you shouldn't grin like that if you're trying to be funny?" Theo sighed long-sufferingly. "And don't pout, that's Slytherin trademark infringement."

"Speaking of lame jokes...." Smith always smirked like it was going out of style. Which... it definitely was, as far as Theo was concerned; so last year, honestly.

Theo rolled his eyes and whispered a heating charm. "You're completely useless, you realize that, right?"

"Hey! I'm just bollocks at heating charms, is all. I'm the one that procured the pot and the one who'd found Malfoy's legendary hidden porn stash and I'm Prefect this year, so you ought to show a little gratitude for once, I'm thinking."

"The only reason you're Prefect is that half of Hogwarts didn't come back this year, Smith." He tried to make some sort of funny shape in the air with the smoke, but only wound up choking and coughing like an idiot. Oh well. It was only Smith.

"You know... I keep wondering why you bother hanging around, since you always put on these airs about how many bigger and better things there are to be done and all. You'd think this sort of thing would lose its charm after the first month or so."

Theo grinned. "Simple. It annoys Zabini to death to have me spend a Friday evening with a Hufflepuff. The only thing that could be better is if I managed to find a way to shag that Weasley bird, but-- eh," he exhaled, blowing smoke towards the full moons of the windows. "Not worth it, is it? Zabini on the warpath and then there's all those brothers.... Plus, I figure he's about to nail her anyway, having nothing better to focus on."

"God, I miss Quidditch," Smith sighed. "Those new regulations are really getting up my arse, tell you what. What else are we supposed to do for recreation but shag these days? Produce little 'I ♥ Potter' buttons in support?'

"You would go there, wouldn't you," Theo murmured dryly.

"I was the best commentator there ever was! None of those plebeians ever appreciated me properly."

"Well, I can tell you what I appreciate, how's that."

Never let it be said that Smith wasn't a bright cookie sometimes, because he made a face and sighed, turning his back on Theo.

"Oh yeah." Theo grinned. "I love putting the huff and puff in Hufflepuff."

"Are you going to keep making stupid jokes or are you going to slither in?"

He couldn't help it: Theo chortled. When push came to shove (and honestly, the coming was his favorite), Smith was his sort of entertainment. He smirked to himself and pulled at the waistband of the other's boxers, snapping it back a bit.

"Bitch," Zacharias grunted, but wiggled his arse closer. "I suppose this is the one thing a Slytherin's good for, anyway."

Theo felt up Smith's arse with relish, loving the way he yelped but pressed back, almost nuzzling it into his hand. "I always wanted a small fuzzy animal of my very own," he mumbled, nosing the other boy's hair and not really paying attention to what he said when Smith reached over and pinched his thigh. He yelped. "Hey! Watch it!"

Zacharias huffed.
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