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Name:the artist formerly known as lunacy
Birthdate:Jan 6
Location:United States of America
Hello, my name is Reena. I used to be pretty visible in the HP fandom from about 2002 to 2008 (give or take), and I've lurked, at various points, in Gundam Wing, Star Trek (TOS, TNG, and even bits of Voyager, and currently the Reboot is my drug), as well as Highlander, The Sentinel, The X-Men movie, Buffy, QaF, and bits of Smallville, Avatar, and Twilight (...*shudder*). I'm probably still up to reading in all these fandoms, but the only things I've even tried to write were HP, Gundam Wing, Twilight and Buffy. I've only really felt comfortable writing HP (and, oddly, Peter Pan, though that was never a fandom). I haven't really written anything fannish since HP, though every now and then I take another stab at finishing some WIPs.

So yeah, there isn't going to be much content; it's mostly a reading journal, possibly a fic-posting journal if the fic strikes. It's also [yet another] fic repository; regardless, I can pretty much guarantee I won't post anything here but fic, and that'll be public, so I'm not friending anyone for reasons of access to my posts. If I've friended you, it's 'cause I want to follow your fandom lj or I know you & your journal is flocked; if it's flocked, please friend me back; otherwise no harm no foul (I don't care either way, it's all good, etc).


Well, you could check out the 'fic recs' memories. I'd love a comment on old fics, too-- who wouldn't? :3 If you'd like to see all my fics in one place, try the memories masterlist. :D You can also check out the tag for Harry/Draco.

Another archive for my fics is found here.

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, ♥ in broom closets, ♥ on the enterprise, (too much) yaoi, bbc sherlock, blair/jim, buffy ♥ spike, buffy ♥ spike, charles/erik, draco, draco and harry, duncan/methos, enya, fanfic, harry, harry potter, heero/duo, hope, hp fanfic, kirk ♥ spock, kirk ♥ spock, love is what remains, marcus/esca, nu!kirk/nu!spock sexing, obsessive semes, sherlock, slash, slutty ukes, spike in general, spikeykins, tori amos, tsundere ukes, writing, , ♥ in broom closets, ♥ on the enterprise
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