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Um. So there's the Men Without Pants challenge, and. I can't resist a name like that. I just. Can't. And. Forgive me ><;; It's not -for- the challenge though, exactly, 'cause this is now and that is in what? Three weeks? And like... why wait? Strip now. That's my philosophy.

`Arrested Development' - For Aja, of course - H/D but not really, uh - R? - Ron. Harry. Talk about pants. Figure it out. )
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Er. So dude. I wrote this a few days ago, mostly because my other fic, `Nerve' (which this is a prequel to, actually), didn't make sense from Ron's perspective, and the idea of writing Ron's perspective appeals to me. I actually like this story a lot more, even though there's no sex. It's mostly just Ginny & Ron the summer before fourth year, I think. I've never written anything quite like it before, and even though it's unbetaed, so is most of my stuff, so.

Anyway. This is for [ profile] kitsune13, without whom Weasleycest would never even begin to cross my mind. Dude, and now I want to write more >:D Hee.

Fic! `Just a Girl' - Ron/Ginny - incest - PG13.... Ginny just wants to play make-believe.... )
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[ profile] rhoddlet's drabble made me think. or rather, write. i'm -supposed- to be writing other things right now, but whenever i think that, it means i won't do it. i -want-, i really really want to write my birthday fic and get it off my chest. but who wishes anyone a happy birthday 2 weeks late, anyway? well, i will. no, i -will-. even harry-- i have harry yet to wish a happy birthday too. poor woobie. oh well, he'll forgive me. ahahaha i give him sex, he -has- to forgive me. also, i haven't been reading my friends page (er... taking a break, or something), so if i haven't responded to your brilliant whatever-it-is, just comment with a link and i will, okay? okay.

so. here it is. expect my posts to be ficcish for the next few days or week or whatever. hopefully. then back to meta. yes, i'm sure everyone's holding their breath or whatever. i'm on a roll, though. heheheeh. and i'm a feedback slut, so.

    `Thirst' - hermione-centric ficlet, dark, semi-warfic. did i mention dark? and weird? and very much inspired by rhoddlet. )
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so i'm posting because i'm shameless. i wrote it. it's porny. it's pointless. it's harry/ron, goddamit, probably ooc as all hell, too. but who cares, it's wankfic, right? it's just, i missed the horrible babble... i mean, interaction. and stuff. i'll shut up now.

`The Penis Daily' - Harry/Ron wankfic - NC17 - the evils of masturbation in full blossom. possible squick if the daily lives of penises and extreme amounts of wanking offend you. also, bad humor. )
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this is all silvia's fault. ahahaha!
okay, no, no, it's my fault. but! it's because she encouraged me, so there. ha!

anyway, i wrote a cute fumbly ron/hermione smutlet (i know. weird.)

`maintenance' - r/hr - NC-17? - for silvia, because she brings the lurve. )
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i was inspired to write something, to challenge myself to sound less dorky myself, if i could. i don't know if i succeeded. in fact, writing ron in -any- context has never been a piece of cake for me (this is probably 90% of why i ship neither harry/ron nor draco/ron-- i couldn't write ron to save my life). so, this isn't really all that ron-like. but at least it's not what you normally come across. i -think-.

so. `telling ron'- an hp coming out fic. no pairing. w00t! i wrote gen slash, eheheheh. )


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