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This was locked 'cause I wrote it while half-asleep, but uh... it's not anymore -.-;; I fixed it up a bit. Not a lot though, so beware of falling participles :P

It's an HBP AU (I KNOW!!) spin off from the Sectumsempra scene, as per [ profile] malafede's request. Uh. As a warning, I listened to 'Nothing Compares 2 U'. On repeat -.-

`Sleep to Dream' - H/D - NC17 or so - Of course Malfoy is a dick and he deserved it, so why is Harry feeling sick? )
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I'm just tickled that Draco's a Gemini, and in honor of that I spent a pathetic amount of time trolling astrology sites. In the end, naturally I had to scribble a bit 'cause I was so overwhelmed with love, clearly. And also felt the need to poke fun; y'know, the usual.

A drabble for Draco - `Signs' - 330 words - On the subject of Draco's superior... something or other. )
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Well... I wrote this because [ profile] layha asked for Harry/Snape... which I do read, even though I don't ship it (OTP issues, y'know), so it's not like this was a trial. Naturally, it grew way (way) past its intended drabble size. H/S is one of those pairings that would make sense to be hard to drabble on the first go, no?

Anyway, I would muchly appreciate any sort of... er... constructive something, since this is my first try and all. Just don't hurt me :> Hahaha.

I blame listening to much Coldplay and the Doves' version of `Blackbird' on repeat for this. Oh, and my sudden whim to skim Telanu's fic. I... well, this is nothing like that. But one could guess that, right? Heh. This is me, after all.

So yes. This is my basic Occlumency fic.

`Blackbird Fly' - Harry/Snape(!) for Layha - into the light of the dark black night.... )
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Some people might say I'm being hypocritical by posting this bit of semi-fluff-- I just like to think of it as being... er... refreshingly multi-faceted. Anyway, ahahah, there was this post about how/why would canon!Draco say 'I love you', and whether he might say it more easily just to get stuff from people 'cause he's a brat. Heh.

So of course I couldn't resist. Especially 'cause presently I'm working on a long-ass dark!Draco fic, and I think I needed a break. I'm one of those people who have severe issues writing Draco saying that-- ever-- to anyone-- so it was a challenge, imagining how Draco would actually say that casually and remain in character. This bit of silliness resulted.

Those who do actually have a serious thing about er... non-angsty things should probably... er... stay away. Anyway, this isn't fluff, per se. Maybe. That is my story and I'm sticking to it!!1 Damn all you temptresses, whittling away at my resolve.

Ficlet! - `Gifts' - H/D, D/P - R-rated? - Draco is a very bad boy. Oh, he really is. But he luuuurves Pan-- Har-- stuff. )
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I saw `Peter Pan'. I loved it. I also had severe problems with with it. No, there isn't going to be a review. Nitpicking is both too easy and kind of pointless. I realized I could easily write (more) Peter Pan fanfic, however.

For some reason this made me ponder why I write in a particular fandom.

That aside, mostly I just wanted to post the fic. I just wrote it in a half-asleep daze at about 5am today, after seeing the movie. I have all these issues with the ending, mostly because I'm so invested in Barrie's ending, bittersweet and problematic and painful as it is for me. I'm obsessed with Wendy waiting, always -waiting-, and Peter coming back too late. So anyway. There you go. Fic.

`Impossible Things' - Peter Pan fanfic - Because everyone has to learn not to wish for what they cannot have.... )
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So um... this is random. [ profile] suckeriove asked me to write a `Harry the Dirty Dog' drabble, possibly with `Draco the Messy Dragon' thrown in for good measure o_0 It was my own fault, I assure you, however.

I just wrote this in a bit of a flurry, the past half an hour. It got a bit too long to paste in a comment to her, so here 'tis. Not really a -fic-, per se, but hey. I've never actually written 11 year-old Draco before. Whad'ya know. First time for everything. o_0

`Harry the Dirty Dog' - first-year!Draco - mirrors! weirdness! - PGness! - drabblage! ...Don't ask me why. Please. -.- )
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happy!d/p is a challenge, 'cause it's so -easy- to make him want harry instead, heheh. so. um. i wrote something or other. mostly, this is a messed-up pansy-centric character piece, but whatever.

`Breeding' - Pansy-centric - pg13 or so. Pansy Parkinson knows what she wants, and she's willing to work to get it. )
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[ profile] rhoddlet's drabble made me think. or rather, write. i'm -supposed- to be writing other things right now, but whenever i think that, it means i won't do it. i -want-, i really really want to write my birthday fic and get it off my chest. but who wishes anyone a happy birthday 2 weeks late, anyway? well, i will. no, i -will-. even harry-- i have harry yet to wish a happy birthday too. poor woobie. oh well, he'll forgive me. ahahaha i give him sex, he -has- to forgive me. also, i haven't been reading my friends page (er... taking a break, or something), so if i haven't responded to your brilliant whatever-it-is, just comment with a link and i will, okay? okay.

so. here it is. expect my posts to be ficcish for the next few days or week or whatever. hopefully. then back to meta. yes, i'm sure everyone's holding their breath or whatever. i'm on a roll, though. heheheeh. and i'm a feedback slut, so.

    `Thirst' - hermione-centric ficlet, dark, semi-warfic. did i mention dark? and weird? and very much inspired by rhoddlet. )
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wrote a gen(!) draco-centric drabble. i thought it was kinda crappy so i didn't post it but, but, [ profile] puckmalfoy said she liked it, so-- i mean-- yes. here, then. (this is what happens when you combine the `crayola challenge' and the `armchair slash' seasonal challenge and reading a bunch of [ profile] ethrosdemon and [ profile] hackthis, not that i expect this is anything like their stuff, but i don't usually -do- exposition in quite this way. so. *wibble* yes.)

Burnt Orange-- strange. draco-centric. pg. )


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