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Sooo, uhhh, I wrote a fic. :-?

Maybe. Yes. For Big Bang. And...


My only 'traditional' H/D get-together longfic. EVER!! :D

`Night Falls' - H/D - 1/8 - wherein we first encounter rings of power, mysterious dreams, difficult sleeping arrangements and prologues. )
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So... [ profile] addictedkitten has inspired me, though not to porn (sadly). She probably wouldn't like this, anyway. But. I read that fragment from T.S. Eliot's `The Dry Salvages' she'd posted, and realized it reminded me of Ginny. The contrast between time & timelessness, between permanence & fleeting emotion. ... but you are the music / While the music lasts. Yes.

I had a split between the old, darker Ginny and my newer, more girl-power-yeay type Ginny in my fics for awhile now. This ficlet is my attempt at reconciliation; it sits somewhere in the middle, probably with a moody frown and some cloves as the music plays on. Mmm, cloves.

Also, I've been wanting to write Tom more; not Tom-and-Ginny by any means-- just Tom. *sigh* Maybe this is a start. Am I trying to excuse posting a moody Ginny ficlet most people won't read, purely because Ginny entertains me? Ahahahah. Um. Yeah. -.-

Ficlet! - `Echoes' - Ginny-centric, with shadows of het & femslash, but mostly Tom - these precious things/ let them bleed.... )
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So, in honor (*snerk*) of my unfluffy mood, I thought I'd post a drabble I wrote a week ago and was too disturbed/embarrassed by to post publically at the time, about undead!Harry risen from the grave to um... 'get' Draco. Muwahahahaha!!

`Lover's Walk' - H/D - horror!drabble )
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I was inspired to write a ghost!Malfoy ficlet. I dunno, it's kinda (really) pointless, but ghost!Draco really inspires me. I've written him once, and I can definitely see doing it again. Credit for said inspiration goes to [ profile] malafede, who's my partner in porn crime, these days :D

`Hearing Things' - H/D, kinda, but not - They say that once they dig into you, Malfoys don't let go.... )
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So, voila! H/D fic du jour. Barely over a 1,000 words, too, which is... unusual for me. I like the whole short-and-bitter thing, I think.

`Copper Ashes' - H/D - PG13 - The blood is in his mouth and the time is up. )
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I found this site with wonderful reviews of Season 6 eps, and now I'm all "wah!!" even about the ones I'd sort of wished never existed. My god. Maybe it's just easier to love Season 6 in retrospect, I dunno. What I do know is that it blows me away, now.

The two of them just break my heart, and I think I wrote this H/D fic kind of about Buffy and Spike, because I can't write about -them-, and everything is a metaphor to me anyway. *sigh* Isn't it funny that I just wrote an H/D angst fic and all I can think about is still Buffy and Spike? Hah. Anyway... um... not beta'd or anything. Mostly just my state of mind right about now, if anyone's interested.

`Love for the Strong' - H/D - R - You always hurt the ones you love. )
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This goes out to you, [ profile] fandombitches. I actually wasn't going to post this story. I wrote it last night at Sara's request, and I'm kind of sick to my stomach about it, and it disturbs me. I dislike -writing- rape & non-con & anger & pain and things, because those things hurt to imagine too vividly.

They're not sparkly or fun or sexy when you actually have to immerse yourself in them to write, but that doesn't mean they're not good and worthwhile things to write about, because if we just wrote about the pretty, we would allow ourselves to forget that the world isn't like that. So yes. I'm pretty disturbed by this story and by myself, when writing it. But then, I'm not 13, and I imagine I wouldn't have wanted to read this then... though I wrote my first rape-fic when I was 15, and was disturbed then too. But something about the subject wouldn't let go, I guess. It's a demon, and even when I think I can ignore it, it doesn't ignore me, so.

Fic - `As Good As He Got' - NC-17 - H/D - Non-con, Rape, Violence, disturbing subject matter. Discretion advised. )
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[ profile] rhoddlet's drabble made me think. or rather, write. i'm -supposed- to be writing other things right now, but whenever i think that, it means i won't do it. i -want-, i really really want to write my birthday fic and get it off my chest. but who wishes anyone a happy birthday 2 weeks late, anyway? well, i will. no, i -will-. even harry-- i have harry yet to wish a happy birthday too. poor woobie. oh well, he'll forgive me. ahahaha i give him sex, he -has- to forgive me. also, i haven't been reading my friends page (er... taking a break, or something), so if i haven't responded to your brilliant whatever-it-is, just comment with a link and i will, okay? okay.

so. here it is. expect my posts to be ficcish for the next few days or week or whatever. hopefully. then back to meta. yes, i'm sure everyone's holding their breath or whatever. i'm on a roll, though. heheheeh. and i'm a feedback slut, so.

    `Thirst' - hermione-centric ficlet, dark, semi-warfic. did i mention dark? and weird? and very much inspired by rhoddlet. )
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anyway... i was like-- i'm not reading anyone's fanfic, because i need to study. i'm not replying in any depth, because i need to study. i'm not, i'm not....

and then this first sentence came into my head and it -tortured- me until i wrote it, and i wasn't going to post it (because, gah, this has no right to live, and it sucks, and i just-- well-- it has no excuses). but anyway. writing non-con is an issue for me, because i think it's such a difficult thing to tackle, and because i can't pretend i can do it justice, and because non-con pr0n is... well... it's just difficult, is all.

and i suppose it's because it's difficult that i want to know just how i've failed, even though this isn't betaed and... well. i mean, this is a short fic, and who cares, anyway, and i know it has no "plot", and. but i don't think a plot would make it that much more palatable to me, so. i dunno. i have issues. this probably sucks.

but, sara wanted me to write non-con, and obviously i can't. sigh.

`linger' - H/D - probably NC-17, probably not recommended reading for pretty much anyone, and not recommended writing for -me-, and i should really get going to class, so blah. )
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strangely, i kind of like it.
but not enough to get it beta-read and to think much more about it. no, thank you.
i promise this is the last one. gah. -really-. no more het. even slashy het. like, ever. *shudder*

er... `At the End of Desire' - a ginny/harry/draco type thing. er. nc-17. yes, i -am- becoming frightening, why? )


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