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This was locked 'cause I wrote it while half-asleep, but uh... it's not anymore -.-;; I fixed it up a bit. Not a lot though, so beware of falling participles :P

It's an HBP AU (I KNOW!!) spin off from the Sectumsempra scene, as per [ profile] malafede's request. Uh. As a warning, I listened to 'Nothing Compares 2 U'. On repeat -.-

`Sleep to Dream' - H/D - NC17 or so - Of course Malfoy is a dick and he deserved it, so why is Harry feeling sick? )
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AAAAAARgh, I seriously cannot wait to post this even though I'm spamming y'all :(( I haven't written H/D fluff in FOREVER, but I love [ profile] lillithium's watercolors so I was inspired, but they're just so soft and sweet and fluffy, IT WASN'T MY FAULT, OKAY?? Not my fault!! *cries*

Okay, so. Like. Don't hurt me, I wrote H/D vaguely PWP post-war fluff :( :( *repents immediately!!* :( And yes, I'm trying to both write & avoid my angsty plotty Death Eater!Draco fic. :/ WAH.

H/D ficlet~! 'Sparklers' - H/D - PG13 - Sometimes we all need a little light to show, and to keep. )
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So, um. I really really liked the last issue of Books of Magick: Life During Wartime. There was more slash, and lookit! I caught a bunny! And it's not my porn bunny which I could've at least dedicated to Sara or Aspen (Happy Birthday, btw! eek!); this one just took me by surprise, and poof! Don't you love it when that happens? Also, I uh, probably meant this to be BoM fanfic except that would take actual mental effort.

Um. This is really odd, and dark, and... um. Well, I'd say it's a darker Harry than I've written recently, but it's really not. I'm kind of pleased with myself (first thing I've finished in ages! w00t! I rule, clearly), though I suspect this makes little enough sense to anyone but me. Alas. Let this be a lesson: this is what happens when you listen to Live and David Bowie back to back after reading messed up comics.

`We Call Them Gods' - R - H/D - being of the Wicked and the more than slightly twisted. More on what happens when you mix satyr blood and wine.... )
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I should actually stop writing porn, I know this, but then I get -asked- so like... I have an excuse, and [ profile] malafede promised more girl!Draco, and who could resist -that-?

Anyway, this is my ficcish shout into the wilderness re: how very gay Malfoy really is. (See... I wrote a fic about Harry's Gay last year, now it's Draco's turn. Or something.) Whatever. Basically, this is for [ profile] malafede.

`Queer as Malfoy' - H/D NC-17 etcetc - All in all, Draco Malfoy was looking very gay indeed.... )
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I dunno what it is. But. I wrote a weird Ginny/Luna after-sex drabble which is... well, weird. So I didn't wanna just post it publically... heh. But I have no shame. Not that it's -that- bad, it's just. I don't know. Ginny/Luna? What am I on, anyway?

...Don't answer that.

`Green Apples' - Ginny/Luna - R? - tastes may vary. )
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I easily admit I'm kinda high on sugar right now, but this H/D MST3K smutfic is cracking me up big time. It really is.

There should be more of these things. Mockity mock mock mock. Dude. I think I see my calling... calling to me. *coughs* 'Course, when I try writing a parody... well, let's just say it involves cheesecake and carrots -.-

The only problem is, I can't fully mock the -fics-, 'cause I can't mock -them-. I can only gently tease them. Grrrr. Grrrr, I say!!

...So I wrote an insane semi-parody way-too-fluffy and not-really-as-funny-as-I-think H/D mpreg, ahahahahahahah. Except not (just-- trust me). It's the sugar, I tell you. The sugar. Hehehe, feel free to MST3K or whatever, etc etc. This is just a bit of late-nite insanity, man.

`First Comes Love' - H/D - R - Mpreg parody type thing, except not. You know. Er. May be hazardous to your health. Proceed with all due caution. )
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So, voila! H/D fic du jour. Barely over a 1,000 words, too, which is... unusual for me. I like the whole short-and-bitter thing, I think.

`Copper Ashes' - H/D - PG13 - The blood is in his mouth and the time is up. )
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When Lasair bemoaned the sad lack of Quality H/D (contrasted with the sad prevalence of H/S of various qualities, types and sizes) since OoTP, she most definitely didn't mean -this-. When Nef made that hilarious reference to premature-ejaculatory adolescent groping as related to the last Matrix, I'm sure this wasn't even on the horizon. Yet!

I, as the purveyor of All Things Tastefully H/D and Entirely On The Up-and-Up, present you this masterpiece of humor and canonical rigor. I have toiled long and hard on this glorious effort of my ever-vigilant mind, bringing together many months of deep deliberation and the essentially pure toil of my heart. Ahem.

And now, for the really-bad-and-not-actually-all-that-funny humor portion of this evening. - Fic! - H/D - `The Horror' - yes, that's the title. )
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happy!d/p is a challenge, 'cause it's so -easy- to make him want harry instead, heheh. so. um. i wrote something or other. mostly, this is a messed-up pansy-centric character piece, but whatever.

`Breeding' - Pansy-centric - pg13 or so. Pansy Parkinson knows what she wants, and she's willing to work to get it. )
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    so yes, now i come to my actual -fic-. this is my first sirius/remus and may be my last. i wrote it in response to the fuh-q-fest challenge before realizing that particular challenge was closed-- to wit, `sirius and remus babysit infant harry', ehehehe. it amuses me (who knows why-- obviously i have issues).
    it doesn't aspire to anything, and that's why it was so easy to write. actually letting yourself -say- things takes a lot out of one (in my experience), and just blabbering on like a silly goose is easier than breathing. so basically, i suck, go read aja & ivy >:D<

that said.... here be fic: `Learning Curves' - Sirius/Remus - NC17 humor/smut, v. lame and stupid, but that's the fun of it, no? although, if anyone who reads s/r actually reads this, i would muchly appreciate being told how and where i messed up, characterization-wise-- i would bake you donuts. no, really )
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    it's for cassie & thess, mostly because i wanted to dedicate something to them whether they read it or not~:)
    i was thinking of calling it, "sugarcock fairies", but. hee. maybe that's too much. my mind hasn't been fully made up yet though ^^

`sugarplum fairies' - h/d crackfic - R-ish, sorta. beware pointless wackyness and... dom/sub confusion. i couldn't tell you which harry is and which draco is. *eyebrow twitches* but it's the cock-- er, thought-- that counts! )
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i don't know -why- the hell i turned it into a ficlet, but there you go. the muse is fickle. admittedly, they seem to be more sleepy than normal, but what the hell, -i'm- more sleepy than normal, and i think it shows >:D<

but still. semi-realistic (i hope!) boy-smut. rejoice. H/D though. heh. i'd have to actually -try-, to write anything else ;)
    and wah, am i frighteningly prolific lately, or what? ><;;

`morning run' - yah, yah, bad title, but hey, it's the smut that counts, right? - H/D, NC-17, ficlet. )
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well, i didn't read ivy's `rose red' until today. and it's just nearly perfect the way it is, but i could see what she means about getting them together, and of course, i can't resist a challenge, eheheheh. ahem.

so here goes my attempt at an ending for `rose red'. um. i'm not too happy with it, but it's so -long-, i just sort of have a sick fascination with how it turned out... )
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strangely, i kind of like it.
but not enough to get it beta-read and to think much more about it. no, thank you.
i promise this is the last one. gah. -really-. no more het. even slashy het. like, ever. *shudder*

er... `At the End of Desire' - a ginny/harry/draco type thing. er. nc-17. yes, i -am- becoming frightening, why? )
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i don't know, actually. i kind of dislike my harry/cho, especially since it's supposed to be a "slashers do it better" sort of thing, and it was sort of vanilla. i don't actually write vanilla, usually, except when i'm not into something viscerally. and, uh, i'm really not harry/cho in a visceral way. i think they're woobie, and so are ron & hermione, but that doesn't mean i won't feel i'm writing about my cousins if i wrote smut about ron & hermione.

so to round out my apparent obsession with canon when it comes to het, i've written draco/pansy, because i figured, how woobie could i get. it's all about the blood and the pain, baby. no woobiness in sight. w00t~!

i was more inspired earlier, but this still came out nice and cruel.

`hard on the knees' - because i can't leave aerosmith songs alone, it seems. nc-17 het sex~! )


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