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So yes, to my own surprise, I wrote a V-Day H/D fic, the first one I remember finishing for February 14th. Um. It's all [ profile] furiosity's fault, 'cause her fic reminded me of having written another pub fic ages ago ('Fighting Dirty') and I got all nostalgic for H/D, and also I realized I've never actually written smitten!Harry as such, much to [ profile] mistful's onetime woe, hehe.

Well, I tried. Couldn't keep the sarcasm off the premises, but you can't say I didn't try! :P Anyway, um, enjoy? heh.

`Gagging for It' - H/D, baby - they say everyone's a fool for love, but Harry Potter is really an idiot. )
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Sooo... um, well, I did say it was a resurgence :D Oddly, it was reading this poem called 'Phenomenology of the Prick', which is a great title if there ever was one and got ridiculously inspired-- enough to write a whole fic around it. Which makes this a poem!fic, slightly less embarrassing than a song!fic. Maybe. Er... yeah. -.-
    So basically it fits into my pre-existing desire to write something that wasn't fluffy... and also wasn't my novella. For which I'm practicing! I mean... um, I can do that, right?? ^^;;

It... well, it isn't fluffy. :D Back to your regularly scheduled Reena, basically. Whew!! >:D

Fic~!! 'The Prick' - H/D NC17, baby - 'You know it, whether or not he does: Harry fucking Potter wants Draco Malfoy to see his cock.' )
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AAAAAARgh, I seriously cannot wait to post this even though I'm spamming y'all :(( I haven't written H/D fluff in FOREVER, but I love [ profile] lillithium's watercolors so I was inspired, but they're just so soft and sweet and fluffy, IT WASN'T MY FAULT, OKAY?? Not my fault!! *cries*

Okay, so. Like. Don't hurt me, I wrote H/D vaguely PWP post-war fluff :( :( *repents immediately!!* :( And yes, I'm trying to both write & avoid my angsty plotty Death Eater!Draco fic. :/ WAH.

H/D ficlet~! 'Sparklers' - H/D - PG13 - Sometimes we all need a little light to show, and to keep. )
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All right, I know it's embarrassing, but apparently the silly astrology thing wasn't done with me yet. If only because I'm often given to laughing at the very things I find myself dubiously interested in. It's a thing.

So I wrote a Harry/Draco version: the Leo/Gemini files remix. Or something. It had to be done.

Ficlet! ~ `Bait and Switch' - H/D - where Harry's philosophy remains simple yet effective, and Draco is too feisty for his own good. )
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I was inspired to write a ghost!Malfoy ficlet. I dunno, it's kinda (really) pointless, but ghost!Draco really inspires me. I've written him once, and I can definitely see doing it again. Credit for said inspiration goes to [ profile] malafede, who's my partner in porn crime, these days :D

`Hearing Things' - H/D, kinda, but not - They say that once they dig into you, Malfoys don't let go.... )
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I don't actually know if I can write a straight-forward love-story, so you can pretty much count on things not being what they seem. I wish them to be happy and I wish -you- to be happy, but much more so, I would wish for honesty, for self-knowledge. Love will come. Peace will come. In the beginning (or is that the end?), there is acceptance. If you keep being you, then nothing can stop you, you know? I believe that.

Fic, for Amalin ~ `The Beginning' - H/D ~ wherein things are not what they seem. )
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Disclaimer: no claims of ownership implied.

Author's Note: Written for the HP Flashficathon Harry/Remus post-Hogwarts request. Very vaguely inspired by "The Little Red Riding Hood" fairy-tale as told by Charles Perrault.

The Boy and The Wolf )
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When Lasair bemoaned the sad lack of Quality H/D (contrasted with the sad prevalence of H/S of various qualities, types and sizes) since OoTP, she most definitely didn't mean -this-. When Nef made that hilarious reference to premature-ejaculatory adolescent groping as related to the last Matrix, I'm sure this wasn't even on the horizon. Yet!

I, as the purveyor of All Things Tastefully H/D and Entirely On The Up-and-Up, present you this masterpiece of humor and canonical rigor. I have toiled long and hard on this glorious effort of my ever-vigilant mind, bringing together many months of deep deliberation and the essentially pure toil of my heart. Ahem.

And now, for the really-bad-and-not-actually-all-that-funny humor portion of this evening. - Fic! - H/D - `The Horror' - yes, that's the title. )
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Um. So there's the Men Without Pants challenge, and. I can't resist a name like that. I just. Can't. And. Forgive me ><;; It's not -for- the challenge though, exactly, 'cause this is now and that is in what? Three weeks? And like... why wait? Strip now. That's my philosophy.

`Arrested Development' - For Aja, of course - H/D but not really, uh - R? - Ron. Harry. Talk about pants. Figure it out. )
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anyway... i was like-- i'm not reading anyone's fanfic, because i need to study. i'm not replying in any depth, because i need to study. i'm not, i'm not....

and then this first sentence came into my head and it -tortured- me until i wrote it, and i wasn't going to post it (because, gah, this has no right to live, and it sucks, and i just-- well-- it has no excuses). but anyway. writing non-con is an issue for me, because i think it's such a difficult thing to tackle, and because i can't pretend i can do it justice, and because non-con pr0n is... well... it's just difficult, is all.

and i suppose it's because it's difficult that i want to know just how i've failed, even though this isn't betaed and... well. i mean, this is a short fic, and who cares, anyway, and i know it has no "plot", and. but i don't think a plot would make it that much more palatable to me, so. i dunno. i have issues. this probably sucks.

but, sara wanted me to write non-con, and obviously i can't. sigh.

`linger' - H/D - probably NC-17, probably not recommended reading for pretty much anyone, and not recommended writing for -me-, and i should really get going to class, so blah. )
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i don't know -why- the hell i turned it into a ficlet, but there you go. the muse is fickle. admittedly, they seem to be more sleepy than normal, but what the hell, -i'm- more sleepy than normal, and i think it shows >:D<

but still. semi-realistic (i hope!) boy-smut. rejoice. H/D though. heh. i'd have to actually -try-, to write anything else ;)
    and wah, am i frighteningly prolific lately, or what? ><;;

`morning run' - yah, yah, bad title, but hey, it's the smut that counts, right? - H/D, NC-17, ficlet. )
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i just couldn't think of anything Really Wrong on the spot. i mean, lots of things are silly (dobby/lucius) and lots of things are just too difficult (harry/sirius or something). er. forgive me? maybe i'm hopeless, after all. though if you -do- want that harry/sirius, i have something... er... started. ahem.

it's not (too) fluffy though. er. i hope. -.-

this is `fighting dirty' - unbetaed - H/D. not fluff! ahahahahahah. )


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