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Some people might say I'm being hypocritical by posting this bit of semi-fluff-- I just like to think of it as being... er... refreshingly multi-faceted. Anyway, ahahah, there was this post about how/why would canon!Draco say 'I love you', and whether he might say it more easily just to get stuff from people 'cause he's a brat. Heh.

So of course I couldn't resist. Especially 'cause presently I'm working on a long-ass dark!Draco fic, and I think I needed a break. I'm one of those people who have severe issues writing Draco saying that-- ever-- to anyone-- so it was a challenge, imagining how Draco would actually say that casually and remain in character. This bit of silliness resulted.

Those who do actually have a serious thing about er... non-angsty things should probably... er... stay away. Anyway, this isn't fluff, per se. Maybe. That is my story and I'm sticking to it!!1 Damn all you temptresses, whittling away at my resolve.

Ficlet! - `Gifts' - H/D, D/P - R-rated? - Draco is a very bad boy. Oh, he really is. But he luuuurves Pan-- Har-- stuff. )
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Ack! Well, I'm late again. As usual, because I suck. But! [ profile] glockgal asked for Harry/Luna last year, and this year I've (sort of) cracked it :D I would be proud, except... not. But anyway.

A ficlet for thee! - `but slowly' - Harry/Luna - The thing to know about Harry was that he was a bit slow, as such things went.... )
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I was inspired to write a ghost!Malfoy ficlet. I dunno, it's kinda (really) pointless, but ghost!Draco really inspires me. I've written him once, and I can definitely see doing it again. Credit for said inspiration goes to [ profile] malafede, who's my partner in porn crime, these days :D

`Hearing Things' - H/D, kinda, but not - They say that once they dig into you, Malfoys don't let go.... )
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I was wrong, I think, about being able to write oodles of B/S. I -feel- their dynamic, pretty instinctively, but... Spike, basically... is rather far away from me. And it doesn't help that I don't know the canon as well as I should. And also, it took me months upon months to feel comfortable with H/D, to really get a feel for their voices, long after I had a feel for their dynamic. I dunno if I ever want to go through that for any other pairing ever again.

It's such a commitment, really, emotionally tuning yourself to characters that matter to you. Like you're playing an instrument and if you've got a good ear, you feel you need to hit all the notes just right. And for that, you need practice, practice, practice.

Anyway. So yeah, I wrote one, but it's not gonna be a habit.

Buffy fic: `A Dance for Tomorrow' - B/S - life goes on, even when it doesn't. )
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Er. Well. How to I explain... er... excuse this. I wrote it in the last 20-30 minutes or so. Could be anything. Is probably Spike & Buffy, but then, I'm obsessive like that and everything looks green when I've got green on my mind. That sort of thing. It's probably embarrassingly over-the-top and angsty and "whoa, woe" sort of, but. It's not even fanfic... hahah, the wonders of never naming anyone directly. Isn't it great?

Anyway, don't wanna babble. Here goes.

`After the Fire' - Buffy/Spike if you want it to be. Mostly just metaphors run amok, really. )
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Fear and love go together for me, hand in hand, always tearing at each other and staring coldly across the room. Fear/love, that's my OTP. No real person will ever actually be enough for me, 'cause I'll always be imagining pieces of them, attaching them on like wings for Icarus.

`Wings for Icarus' - really rather strange Peter Pan fanfic. Heeeee! <333333 Some of you might like it. Or not. Why did I write it, anyway? )
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Er. So dude. I wrote this a few days ago, mostly because my other fic, `Nerve' (which this is a prequel to, actually), didn't make sense from Ron's perspective, and the idea of writing Ron's perspective appeals to me. I actually like this story a lot more, even though there's no sex. It's mostly just Ginny & Ron the summer before fourth year, I think. I've never written anything quite like it before, and even though it's unbetaed, so is most of my stuff, so.

Anyway. This is for [ profile] kitsune13, without whom Weasleycest would never even begin to cross my mind. Dude, and now I want to write more >:D Hee.

Fic! `Just a Girl' - Ron/Ginny - incest - PG13.... Ginny just wants to play make-believe.... )
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I wrote Ron/Ginny. *laughs* At least -some- of you might like that, if the writing itself were good. It's just been one of those days. Anyway. Seriously, seriously tell me if it doesn't work (and well, `how' would be good, but eh). No, really. Well, if you read it :>

Fic: Nerve - Ron/Ginny - Yep, that means incest - PWP, kinda - R. )
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happy!d/p is a challenge, 'cause it's so -easy- to make him want harry instead, heheh. so. um. i wrote something or other. mostly, this is a messed-up pansy-centric character piece, but whatever.

`Breeding' - Pansy-centric - pg13 or so. Pansy Parkinson knows what she wants, and she's willing to work to get it. )
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this is all silvia's fault. ahahaha!
okay, no, no, it's my fault. but! it's because she encouraged me, so there. ha!

anyway, i wrote a cute fumbly ron/hermione smutlet (i know. weird.)

`maintenance' - r/hr - NC-17? - for silvia, because she brings the lurve. )
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i dunno. meep? and, yes, it's harry/hermione even though my het!harry default is harry/ginny (not because i ship it but because it requires no thought). but, this is kinda sorta in kassie's world (though only in a meta sort of way), so. heh. actually, harry/cho would be interesting here. it didn't occur to me. but... cho is a whole different ballgame. so anyway, enough blather.

`in between' - pg13, probably - H/Hr & H/D and a tad of R/Hr, kinda sorta. )
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i don't know, actually. i kind of dislike my harry/cho, especially since it's supposed to be a "slashers do it better" sort of thing, and it was sort of vanilla. i don't actually write vanilla, usually, except when i'm not into something viscerally. and, uh, i'm really not harry/cho in a visceral way. i think they're woobie, and so are ron & hermione, but that doesn't mean i won't feel i'm writing about my cousins if i wrote smut about ron & hermione.

so to round out my apparent obsession with canon when it comes to het, i've written draco/pansy, because i figured, how woobie could i get. it's all about the blood and the pain, baby. no woobiness in sight. w00t~!

i was more inspired earlier, but this still came out nice and cruel.

`hard on the knees' - because i can't leave aerosmith songs alone, it seems. nc-17 het sex~! )
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i wrote a h/r/h fic for [ profile] ethrosdemon. ahahahah. um. well. *looks around* we all fall sooner or later. plus she writes such luffly weird h/d that i felt bad wallowing in my hang-ups. nat'rally, it has a tad of h/d in it. because. um. because. because i obviously cannot help myself and am complete basketcase. but everyone knows that ><

so. i realize no one will care except possibly the requestor, but i will now spam you all and post it anyway. ahem.

`silver secrets'-- wherein angst and snogging and wibbling and happy fuzzies occur, no death required. yes. )
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wah. i can't stand it.
but i'm done.

still awake! ahaha. if a little on the falling over side. anyway. the fic might obviously not make sense in places. forgive ><;;

plus, the title sucks, really. a lot. but oh well.

`mythical' - lucius/narcissa and it ain't fluff, baby :D )


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