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well, i didn't read ivy's `rose red' until today. and it's just nearly perfect the way it is, but i could see what she means about getting them together, and of course, i can't resist a challenge, eheheheh. ahem.

so here goes my attempt at an ending for `rose red'. um. i'm not too happy with it, but it's so -long-, i just sort of have a sick fascination with how it turned out... )
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so that's sort of silly. i do rant about oocness, but usually that's because it's also overly sweet or unrealistic in general, and not very well-written. you can't even -have- a well-written draco paired with harry, in a semi-hopeful relationship, and have him be jkr's draco, as of the fourth book. granted, the Trilogy wasn't supposedly trying to pair harry & draco (hah!), but it -was- trying to write a whole 3 books about him, and well-- canon!draco wouldn't sit well with that sort of attention. *sigh* but anyway. defending the Trilogy is about as stupid as ranting about its badness. so i won't. except to say, i don't see how you can love harry & draco and dislike it, because their love sort of drenches it like ... like some sort of buttery drench-ey thing ^^

anyway. h/d ficlet inspired by DV 11. can't seem to stop these. sigh. tell me if it sucks. no, really. )
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nothing feels good right now, and i'm tense and sad and it's like i want something, some relief that's completely impossible. very few things stay with me like this, so sewn into my mood that i can't begin to imagine untangling myself. it totally hit me in the solar plexus and i -still- can't breathe. so, what do i do when i can't breathe?

i write, i guess.
    so this is `He Loves Fierce', born of my immense and unending sappiness, my fear for them, my love for them, and my need for faith in love. kind of a cassie fanfic, kind of a `armchair slash' seasonal challenge fanfic, kind of a dream for redemption for us all. make it of what you will. sigh. )
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Anyway. I'm late, of course-- but then, I'm always late. Better late than never?~:)
Also. I wouldn't normally post this here, but erm... a small audience seemed best, as one could see from the fic header. *sighs* But! I don't mind. I loved writing it purely for its own sake and as an homage. ~:)

Birthday Fic! - `Thirteenth' - H/D - There are some things he knew whether he wanted to or not. )


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