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This is what happens when I see too many mangas with extra-explicit kissing scenes where one person is always holding up the other as they swoon, clutching at them like a drowning person. Um. -.-;;; They say write what you know, but I write what I read. *facepalm*

`The Kissing Clause' - in which we discover that Harry is really a teenage girl. Or not. But Malfoy has a wicked tongue. )
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I was just going to write a hopeless little snippet to demonstrate why I can't... really CAN'T(!) write S/R (or... anything else) of any substance, but then the snippet grew a bit and it's still stupid & pointless & fluffy & probably crackier than my last crack because I don't even try to stay within the bounds of plausibility that much (...yeah). But it's here if you want to point and laugh.

...Just don't read if you want a sensitive or sexy or... uh, remotely sane or even shippy S/R fic or just a good fic or whatever ^^;

- Can't Fool A Werewolf (or, Sirius Black Never Gets a Break) - I'm sorry, everybody. )
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    It's just a random bit of fluffy... um, randomness 'cause I'm avoiding everything else. I'd paste it to someone directly to get some sort of response, but no one's online or you're all hiding from me, so here goes nothing. Plus I feel a bit insecure 'cause no one said anything about my snippets on the anon meme (but, y'know, I didn't choose them v. carefully-- just what I was working on, plus it's a longfic that needs the build-up, etcetc).

...I've always kinda wanted to write Theo/Zach, if only as part of a Theo/Zach/Blaise+Ginny... thing, but that's just me & Sara :D

    God, I'm such a spammer lately -.-;; Err, concrit welcome if anyone wants to bother :D :D
    Aaaaanyway. No need to get excited, I'm just sort of in the random writing mood, so if you want to give me a drabble prompt, have at it!

    Ficlet~! 'The Huff & Puff' - Theo/Zach, PG13 - Because Zacharias Smith just hates always being the snarky one. )
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AAAAAARgh, I seriously cannot wait to post this even though I'm spamming y'all :(( I haven't written H/D fluff in FOREVER, but I love [ profile] lillithium's watercolors so I was inspired, but they're just so soft and sweet and fluffy, IT WASN'T MY FAULT, OKAY?? Not my fault!! *cries*

Okay, so. Like. Don't hurt me, I wrote H/D vaguely PWP post-war fluff :( :( *repents immediately!!* :( And yes, I'm trying to both write & avoid my angsty plotty Death Eater!Draco fic. :/ WAH.

H/D ficlet~! 'Sparklers' - H/D - PG13 - Sometimes we all need a little light to show, and to keep. )
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I'm just tickled that Draco's a Gemini, and in honor of that I spent a pathetic amount of time trolling astrology sites. In the end, naturally I had to scribble a bit 'cause I was so overwhelmed with love, clearly. And also felt the need to poke fun; y'know, the usual.

A drabble for Draco - `Signs' - 330 words - On the subject of Draco's superior... something or other. )
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Some people might say I'm being hypocritical by posting this bit of semi-fluff-- I just like to think of it as being... er... refreshingly multi-faceted. Anyway, ahahah, there was this post about how/why would canon!Draco say 'I love you', and whether he might say it more easily just to get stuff from people 'cause he's a brat. Heh.

So of course I couldn't resist. Especially 'cause presently I'm working on a long-ass dark!Draco fic, and I think I needed a break. I'm one of those people who have severe issues writing Draco saying that-- ever-- to anyone-- so it was a challenge, imagining how Draco would actually say that casually and remain in character. This bit of silliness resulted.

Those who do actually have a serious thing about er... non-angsty things should probably... er... stay away. Anyway, this isn't fluff, per se. Maybe. That is my story and I'm sticking to it!!1 Damn all you temptresses, whittling away at my resolve.

Ficlet! - `Gifts' - H/D, D/P - R-rated? - Draco is a very bad boy. Oh, he really is. But he luuuurves Pan-- Har-- stuff. )
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Ack! Well, I'm late again. As usual, because I suck. But! [ profile] glockgal asked for Harry/Luna last year, and this year I've (sort of) cracked it :D I would be proud, except... not. But anyway.

A ficlet for thee! - `but slowly' - Harry/Luna - The thing to know about Harry was that he was a bit slow, as such things went.... )
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I easily admit I'm kinda high on sugar right now, but this H/D MST3K smutfic is cracking me up big time. It really is.

There should be more of these things. Mockity mock mock mock. Dude. I think I see my calling... calling to me. *coughs* 'Course, when I try writing a parody... well, let's just say it involves cheesecake and carrots -.-

The only problem is, I can't fully mock the -fics-, 'cause I can't mock -them-. I can only gently tease them. Grrrr. Grrrr, I say!!

...So I wrote an insane semi-parody way-too-fluffy and not-really-as-funny-as-I-think H/D mpreg, ahahahahahahah. Except not (just-- trust me). It's the sugar, I tell you. The sugar. Hehehe, feel free to MST3K or whatever, etc etc. This is just a bit of late-nite insanity, man.

`First Comes Love' - H/D - R - Mpreg parody type thing, except not. You know. Er. May be hazardous to your health. Proceed with all due caution. )
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When Lasair bemoaned the sad lack of Quality H/D (contrasted with the sad prevalence of H/S of various qualities, types and sizes) since OoTP, she most definitely didn't mean -this-. When Nef made that hilarious reference to premature-ejaculatory adolescent groping as related to the last Matrix, I'm sure this wasn't even on the horizon. Yet!

I, as the purveyor of All Things Tastefully H/D and Entirely On The Up-and-Up, present you this masterpiece of humor and canonical rigor. I have toiled long and hard on this glorious effort of my ever-vigilant mind, bringing together many months of deep deliberation and the essentially pure toil of my heart. Ahem.

And now, for the really-bad-and-not-actually-all-that-funny humor portion of this evening. - Fic! - H/D - `The Horror' - yes, that's the title. )
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so i'm posting because i'm shameless. i wrote it. it's porny. it's pointless. it's harry/ron, goddamit, probably ooc as all hell, too. but who cares, it's wankfic, right? it's just, i missed the horrible babble... i mean, interaction. and stuff. i'll shut up now.

`The Penis Daily' - Harry/Ron wankfic - NC17 - the evils of masturbation in full blossom. possible squick if the daily lives of penises and extreme amounts of wanking offend you. also, bad humor. )
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    so yes, now i come to my actual -fic-. this is my first sirius/remus and may be my last. i wrote it in response to the fuh-q-fest challenge before realizing that particular challenge was closed-- to wit, `sirius and remus babysit infant harry', ehehehe. it amuses me (who knows why-- obviously i have issues).
    it doesn't aspire to anything, and that's why it was so easy to write. actually letting yourself -say- things takes a lot out of one (in my experience), and just blabbering on like a silly goose is easier than breathing. so basically, i suck, go read aja & ivy >:D<

that said.... here be fic: `Learning Curves' - Sirius/Remus - NC17 humor/smut, v. lame and stupid, but that's the fun of it, no? although, if anyone who reads s/r actually reads this, i would muchly appreciate being told how and where i messed up, characterization-wise-- i would bake you donuts. no, really )
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    it's for cassie & thess, mostly because i wanted to dedicate something to them whether they read it or not~:)
    i was thinking of calling it, "sugarcock fairies", but. hee. maybe that's too much. my mind hasn't been fully made up yet though ^^

`sugarplum fairies' - h/d crackfic - R-ish, sorta. beware pointless wackyness and... dom/sub confusion. i couldn't tell you which harry is and which draco is. *eyebrow twitches* but it's the cock-- er, thought-- that counts! )
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you have been warned.
    this is fluff. more fluff. and then even more fluff. this is just a spur of the moment drabble-type-thing for [ profile] starlitefaerie, and um. i'm posting it because i have no shame. and also, look at the fluff! i shame myself.
    but then, this is just a 10-minute.... thing. that's all.
    and to think i'd written a surprising amount of -other- stuff today (on a roll, baby), and it wasn't like this at -all-, and now everyone's gonna think i'm off my game and maybe i am, but you know. er. meep?

`the eleventh star' - h/d - did i mention fluff? )
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i don't know -why- the hell i turned it into a ficlet, but there you go. the muse is fickle. admittedly, they seem to be more sleepy than normal, but what the hell, -i'm- more sleepy than normal, and i think it shows >:D<

but still. semi-realistic (i hope!) boy-smut. rejoice. H/D though. heh. i'd have to actually -try-, to write anything else ;)
    and wah, am i frighteningly prolific lately, or what? ><;;

`morning run' - yah, yah, bad title, but hey, it's the smut that counts, right? - H/D, NC-17, ficlet. )
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i was inspired to write something, to challenge myself to sound less dorky myself, if i could. i don't know if i succeeded. in fact, writing ron in -any- context has never been a piece of cake for me (this is probably 90% of why i ship neither harry/ron nor draco/ron-- i couldn't write ron to save my life). so, this isn't really all that ron-like. but at least it's not what you normally come across. i -think-.

so. `telling ron'- an hp coming out fic. no pairing. w00t! i wrote gen slash, eheheheh. )
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so um, sometimes i can't stop myself. and it's a good thing, because otherwise all i'd write would be stupid essays on Why Certain People Are Meant To Be, which is what's -really- always on my mind. well, ok, not really. so i wrote more sillyfic. credit for several lines goes to stephen, who is the obligatory straight boy i plague with h/d questions. so um. i don't know if this is worth reading, but it's probably funny. though pointless. if anyone sees a point, feel free to tell me. i enjoy it, though. it's fun to write. fluff, long live fluff.

um. so.
`it was fun'-- a no angst, no problem production. er. h/d. what didya think it was, harry/neville??! ha. )
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well. i couldn't resist. hee. because i am sappy that way.
warning: not an ounce of angst in this.
on the bright(??) side, i did write a deathfic, which i'll post after i follow through with my wunn-derful beta's (*schnoogles [ profile] ishuca*) edits.... so. without further ado:

this is `my favourite things'-- a fic for ashura )


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