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So, um... I don't know what came over me, but I wrote a tiny post-HBP (sort of) Luna/Ginny ficlet.... Um. Here. I wrote this for Amalin, who probably doesn't want it, actually :D

`True Stories' - Luna/Ginny - 'It's simple, really,' Luna said idly, staring off into the night. 'Let's never grow up.' )
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All right, I know it's embarrassing, but apparently the silly astrology thing wasn't done with me yet. If only because I'm often given to laughing at the very things I find myself dubiously interested in. It's a thing.

So I wrote a Harry/Draco version: the Leo/Gemini files remix. Or something. It had to be done.

Ficlet! ~ `Bait and Switch' - H/D - where Harry's philosophy remains simple yet effective, and Draco is too feisty for his own good. )
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Just now [ profile] malafede felt compelled to share this link to one of Makofu's H/D pics, and I was, in turn, compelled to drabble. So.

This is kind of weird and abstract and angsty, to go with the serene-yet-vaguely-disturbing mood of the pic. Also, this is rather regressive of me, somewhat in the oldstyle!H/D kinda groove....

Ficlet - `Written First' - oldstyle!H/D - Sometimes he almost wants to say the words... )
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Mostly, this is to say that I've written a Ginny/Pansy fic. Yeah, I'm a bit surprised myself. Though if I was going to do any femmeslash HP pairing, it'd be that. 'Can't very well slash Hermione (my Hermione is probably more prudish than I've seen her written by -anyone-... she's just... er... not one of those hot sort of nerds, in my head). Then again, it occurs to me that I don't want -most- HP characters to get naked where I can see. It's not that there's something wrong with -them-... it's me. All me. And I don't wanna see them naked, man. Like... Luna...? Noooo. Millicent?? God no! Cho? Too whiny. Tonks? I call her "Mary Sue". Fleur? Oh, ok. Yes, I'm very very shallow.

Possibly... the only wanna-see-her-nekkid girl would be Lily, actually. I'd slash her, man. But with -who-? Also, hate the whole not-meant-to-be-with-anyone-'cause-she's-married-and-dead thing. Also, I'm so not down with the Lily/Narcissa. Although. Hmmmmm... pretty.... *coughs* But anyway. Where was I? Oh yes. Femmeslash. The H/D of femmeslash, even. Has H/D -in- it, actually... but not really enough to advertise.

So yeah-- femmeslash. Lacking several keywords that you'll (almost) never see me use 'cause they're so bloody awful: clit, vagina, vulva, pussy, nub, vaginal fluid, juices (!!), muff (just in case), clitoris, hole, channel, love-channel, center, womb, passage, sweet funky heaven.... Yeah, I just wanted to say all that. I have no shame. And my favorite word for "it"? Is now quim ('cunt' is now dethroned) :D :D

`The Golden Rules' - Ginny/Pansy - NC-17 - Wherein deals are made, rules are broken, and revenge is served with a smile. )
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I know there's a number of you who won't read this 'cause it's H/D, so. Um. I love you anyway. But since I'm not prolific enough for write a pairing for everyone, I'll just-- um-- pretend it's the thought that counts. :-?

I wrote fic as a sort of Christmas present to y'all-- well, I mean, what else can I do? Heh. And look ma, no porn!

`By the Book' - H/D - R - A Malfoy Christmas story. <3 )
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Thanks to Aja and well, honestly, myself, I am now gifted with a Grand Mission.

I have to ask the `general populace', which is to say, all and sundry, anyone who would listen:

What do Harry and Draco think about fucking?


Actually, that came out very silly. Aja would've done it better.

`What Everyone Wants to Know' - Malfoy has a question, take one. - H/D drabble thingie, PG13. I took my own advice, obviously. A little -too- well. Heh. )

and another, actually.... whoa...

`Chances Are' - NC17 H/D boyporn!! wah!! I couldn't help myself!! Er. - Malfoy has a question, and Harry has an answer. - This one's for Aja, btw. )
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if i were to make it um... more fulfilling in the porn dept., it'd be... a lot longer. it has been noted many a time that h/d realism requires foreplay. a lot... of foreplay. *snickers*


`Sooner Or Later' - H/D - R - Semi-Angsty Semi-Smutty Fic For The Loffly Sara's Birthday )
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well, i didn't read ivy's `rose red' until today. and it's just nearly perfect the way it is, but i could see what she means about getting them together, and of course, i can't resist a challenge, eheheheh. ahem.

so here goes my attempt at an ending for `rose red'. um. i'm not too happy with it, but it's so -long-, i just sort of have a sick fascination with how it turned out... )
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erm. i never know where my angsty!fluff comes from, especially when it's short and pointless. but um. what am i here for if not to inflict it upon you all? i blame [ profile] augustuscaesar and that whole twue wuv question. it's all pretty simple. not that i've figured it out. so maybe it's only simple for them. *sigh*

`pretend' - a fluffy!angst ficlet in the admirable tradition of such ficlets everywhere. or something. yah. )
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isn't all it's cracked up to be.
being in love is sort of all it's cracked up to be, as long as you're not too cracked up yourself.
being alone sucks, but i've got harry, now haven't i (don't look at me like that, dammit! ack..!)
um. i've consented to being vicarious. i -love- being vicarious. if i am hopeless then so be it, but... ha, at least i can create my own dreams.
i wish you everything, harry james potter. *smooches*

so this is for you, harry. happy birthday, man )
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Anyway. I'm late, of course-- but then, I'm always late. Better late than never?~:)
Also. I wouldn't normally post this here, but erm... a small audience seemed best, as one could see from the fic header. *sighs* But! I don't mind. I loved writing it purely for its own sake and as an homage. ~:)

Birthday Fic! - `Thirteenth' - H/D - There are some things he knew whether he wanted to or not. )


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