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So yes, to my own surprise, I wrote a V-Day H/D fic, the first one I remember finishing for February 14th. Um. It's all [ profile] furiosity's fault, 'cause her fic reminded me of having written another pub fic ages ago ('Fighting Dirty') and I got all nostalgic for H/D, and also I realized I've never actually written smitten!Harry as such, much to [ profile] mistful's onetime woe, hehe.

Well, I tried. Couldn't keep the sarcasm off the premises, but you can't say I didn't try! :P Anyway, um, enjoy? heh.

`Gagging for It' - H/D, baby - they say everyone's a fool for love, but Harry Potter is really an idiot. )
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I was just going to write a hopeless little snippet to demonstrate why I can't... really CAN'T(!) write S/R (or... anything else) of any substance, but then the snippet grew a bit and it's still stupid & pointless & fluffy & probably crackier than my last crack because I don't even try to stay within the bounds of plausibility that much (...yeah). But it's here if you want to point and laugh.

...Just don't read if you want a sensitive or sexy or... uh, remotely sane or even shippy S/R fic or just a good fic or whatever ^^;

- Can't Fool A Werewolf (or, Sirius Black Never Gets a Break) - I'm sorry, everybody. )
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I actually tried to exert some effort here, to write something worthwhile... anything... even a little bit... but no. I suck. This ficlet... also pretty much sucks. Read at your peril!! :P

...Though, uh, Ste tells me we all do dorky things out of fandom love. I think she is too kind ^^;; This is more like 'fandom senility', methinks :> Or possibly it's just crack. :-?

The Lamest Ficlet Of All Time~! Aka, '...And Then They Had Mad Sex (a play in two scenes)' - H/D )
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All right, I know it's embarrassing, but apparently the silly astrology thing wasn't done with me yet. If only because I'm often given to laughing at the very things I find myself dubiously interested in. It's a thing.

So I wrote a Harry/Draco version: the Leo/Gemini files remix. Or something. It had to be done.

Ficlet! ~ `Bait and Switch' - H/D - where Harry's philosophy remains simple yet effective, and Draco is too feisty for his own good. )
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I wrote this with the all-important word 'honey' in mind, and Draco Malfoy: the most lovable boy any of us can imagine.

Remember: Draco Malfoy loves you too!! (Or... he will once I have a little talk with him). But moving on....

Fic: `Draco Malfoy Strikes Back' - H/D, kinda - because Draco Malfoy is one oppressed little boy-- er-- man. Also known as `Draco's Foolproof Plan to Kill Potter Dead This Time'. )
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So, in honor (*snerk*) of my unfluffy mood, I thought I'd post a drabble I wrote a week ago and was too disturbed/embarrassed by to post publically at the time, about undead!Harry risen from the grave to um... 'get' Draco. Muwahahahaha!!

`Lover's Walk' - H/D - horror!drabble )
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When Lasair bemoaned the sad lack of Quality H/D (contrasted with the sad prevalence of H/S of various qualities, types and sizes) since OoTP, she most definitely didn't mean -this-. When Nef made that hilarious reference to premature-ejaculatory adolescent groping as related to the last Matrix, I'm sure this wasn't even on the horizon. Yet!

I, as the purveyor of All Things Tastefully H/D and Entirely On The Up-and-Up, present you this masterpiece of humor and canonical rigor. I have toiled long and hard on this glorious effort of my ever-vigilant mind, bringing together many months of deep deliberation and the essentially pure toil of my heart. Ahem.

And now, for the really-bad-and-not-actually-all-that-funny humor portion of this evening. - Fic! - H/D - `The Horror' - yes, that's the title. )
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Um. So there's the Men Without Pants challenge, and. I can't resist a name like that. I just. Can't. And. Forgive me ><;; It's not -for- the challenge though, exactly, 'cause this is now and that is in what? Three weeks? And like... why wait? Strip now. That's my philosophy.

`Arrested Development' - For Aja, of course - H/D but not really, uh - R? - Ron. Harry. Talk about pants. Figure it out. )
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so i'm posting because i'm shameless. i wrote it. it's porny. it's pointless. it's harry/ron, goddamit, probably ooc as all hell, too. but who cares, it's wankfic, right? it's just, i missed the horrible babble... i mean, interaction. and stuff. i'll shut up now.

`The Penis Daily' - Harry/Ron wankfic - NC17 - the evils of masturbation in full blossom. possible squick if the daily lives of penises and extreme amounts of wanking offend you. also, bad humor. )
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    so yes, now i come to my actual -fic-. this is my first sirius/remus and may be my last. i wrote it in response to the fuh-q-fest challenge before realizing that particular challenge was closed-- to wit, `sirius and remus babysit infant harry', ehehehe. it amuses me (who knows why-- obviously i have issues).
    it doesn't aspire to anything, and that's why it was so easy to write. actually letting yourself -say- things takes a lot out of one (in my experience), and just blabbering on like a silly goose is easier than breathing. so basically, i suck, go read aja & ivy >:D<

that said.... here be fic: `Learning Curves' - Sirius/Remus - NC17 humor/smut, v. lame and stupid, but that's the fun of it, no? although, if anyone who reads s/r actually reads this, i would muchly appreciate being told how and where i messed up, characterization-wise-- i would bake you donuts. no, really )
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    it's for cassie & thess, mostly because i wanted to dedicate something to them whether they read it or not~:)
    i was thinking of calling it, "sugarcock fairies", but. hee. maybe that's too much. my mind hasn't been fully made up yet though ^^

`sugarplum fairies' - h/d crackfic - R-ish, sorta. beware pointless wackyness and... dom/sub confusion. i couldn't tell you which harry is and which draco is. *eyebrow twitches* but it's the cock-- er, thought-- that counts! )
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this is all silvia's fault. ahahaha!
okay, no, no, it's my fault. but! it's because she encouraged me, so there. ha!

anyway, i wrote a cute fumbly ron/hermione smutlet (i know. weird.)

`maintenance' - r/hr - NC-17? - for silvia, because she brings the lurve. )
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i don't know -why- the hell i turned it into a ficlet, but there you go. the muse is fickle. admittedly, they seem to be more sleepy than normal, but what the hell, -i'm- more sleepy than normal, and i think it shows >:D<

but still. semi-realistic (i hope!) boy-smut. rejoice. H/D though. heh. i'd have to actually -try-, to write anything else ;)
    and wah, am i frighteningly prolific lately, or what? ><;;

`morning run' - yah, yah, bad title, but hey, it's the smut that counts, right? - H/D, NC-17, ficlet. )
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i was inspired to write something, to challenge myself to sound less dorky myself, if i could. i don't know if i succeeded. in fact, writing ron in -any- context has never been a piece of cake for me (this is probably 90% of why i ship neither harry/ron nor draco/ron-- i couldn't write ron to save my life). so, this isn't really all that ron-like. but at least it's not what you normally come across. i -think-.

so. `telling ron'- an hp coming out fic. no pairing. w00t! i wrote gen slash, eheheheh. )
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well. i couldn't resist. hee. because i am sappy that way.
warning: not an ounce of angst in this.
on the bright(??) side, i did write a deathfic, which i'll post after i follow through with my wunn-derful beta's (*schnoogles [ profile] ishuca*) edits.... so. without further ado:

this is `my favourite things'-- a fic for ashura )


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