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Sooo, uhhh, I wrote a fic. :-?

Maybe. Yes. For Big Bang. And...


My only 'traditional' H/D get-together longfic. EVER!! :D

`Night Falls' - H/D - 1/8 - wherein we first encounter rings of power, mysterious dreams, difficult sleeping arrangements and prologues. )
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I actually tried to exert some effort here, to write something worthwhile... anything... even a little bit... but no. I suck. This ficlet... also pretty much sucks. Read at your peril!! :P

...Though, uh, Ste tells me we all do dorky things out of fandom love. I think she is too kind ^^;; This is more like 'fandom senility', methinks :> Or possibly it's just crack. :-?

The Lamest Ficlet Of All Time~! Aka, '...And Then They Had Mad Sex (a play in two scenes)' - H/D )
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Sooo... um, well, I did say it was a resurgence :D Oddly, it was reading this poem called 'Phenomenology of the Prick', which is a great title if there ever was one and got ridiculously inspired-- enough to write a whole fic around it. Which makes this a poem!fic, slightly less embarrassing than a song!fic. Maybe. Er... yeah. -.-
    So basically it fits into my pre-existing desire to write something that wasn't fluffy... and also wasn't my novella. For which I'm practicing! I mean... um, I can do that, right?? ^^;;

It... well, it isn't fluffy. :D Back to your regularly scheduled Reena, basically. Whew!! >:D

Fic~!! 'The Prick' - H/D NC17, baby - 'You know it, whether or not he does: Harry fucking Potter wants Draco Malfoy to see his cock.' )
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AAAAAARgh, I seriously cannot wait to post this even though I'm spamming y'all :(( I haven't written H/D fluff in FOREVER, but I love [ profile] lillithium's watercolors so I was inspired, but they're just so soft and sweet and fluffy, IT WASN'T MY FAULT, OKAY?? Not my fault!! *cries*

Okay, so. Like. Don't hurt me, I wrote H/D vaguely PWP post-war fluff :( :( *repents immediately!!* :( And yes, I'm trying to both write & avoid my angsty plotty Death Eater!Draco fic. :/ WAH.

H/D ficlet~! 'Sparklers' - H/D - PG13 - Sometimes we all need a little light to show, and to keep. )
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All right, I know it's embarrassing, but apparently the silly astrology thing wasn't done with me yet. If only because I'm often given to laughing at the very things I find myself dubiously interested in. It's a thing.

So I wrote a Harry/Draco version: the Leo/Gemini files remix. Or something. It had to be done.

Ficlet! ~ `Bait and Switch' - H/D - where Harry's philosophy remains simple yet effective, and Draco is too feisty for his own good. )
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Just now [ profile] malafede felt compelled to share this link to one of Makofu's H/D pics, and I was, in turn, compelled to drabble. So.

This is kind of weird and abstract and angsty, to go with the serene-yet-vaguely-disturbing mood of the pic. Also, this is rather regressive of me, somewhat in the oldstyle!H/D kinda groove....

Ficlet - `Written First' - oldstyle!H/D - Sometimes he almost wants to say the words... )
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So anyway, this was randomly inspired by a line in another H/D fic I had in my way-old browser history, where Hermione's like, "what do you see in him?" and Harry's like, "ummmmmm... I don't know." And so I was intrigued. But! No guarantees for quality, etcetera etcetera.

Fic! = An Unlikely Pair (Or: Like a Car-Wreck) = H/D = R, baby = What did he see in him? That's what everyone wants to know. )
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Ack! Well, I'm late again. As usual, because I suck. But! [ profile] glockgal asked for Harry/Luna last year, and this year I've (sort of) cracked it :D I would be proud, except... not. But anyway.

A ficlet for thee! - `but slowly' - Harry/Luna - The thing to know about Harry was that he was a bit slow, as such things went.... )
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I dunno what it is. But. I wrote a weird Ginny/Luna after-sex drabble which is... well, weird. So I didn't wanna just post it publically... heh. But I have no shame. Not that it's -that- bad, it's just. I don't know. Ginny/Luna? What am I on, anyway?

...Don't answer that.

`Green Apples' - Ginny/Luna - R? - tastes may vary. )
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It's easier to write-- and sometimes even read-- pairings I don't care about. I feel like I'm -too- invested in H/D, -too- invested in a specific Draco (I'm rather laid back with Harry, and also most people don't really mess with his characterization too widely). Sometimes it feels impossible to read one more H/D fic without losing it in either joy or disgust. I really do think in writing, at least, I really benefit from the concept of "critical distance"-- that is, writing about things I'm not -too- close to somehow. Maybe I'm just too hard on my H/D fics, I dunno. *sigh*. But I wrote this because I was feeling Neville's rage. Go figure.

It occurs to me that Harry/Neville is a bit like the Draco/Zacharias of ships, ahahahaha. For some reason, this really amuses me. Also, when did I get over my need to have every fic be sekritly H/D? Ahahaha.

Ficlet! `Home of the Brave' - Harry/Neville - wherein Neville is finally angry enough to follow. )
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For the record, I blame [ profile] psychobarfly for this entirely and completely. It is true that Minute Man!Draco is a lot like her Draco (heh heh), and... it was rather amusing seeing it from his perspective, so off I went. It's really weird, remembering that my non-pov characters have motivations too, man. Whoa.

All right, so if any of you wanted a semi-fluffy Draco-pov follow-up to "Minute Man", here's your chance, Lance. (urgh)

It's not porn because I'm tired and I need to be... um... inspired. And I was having too much fun writing smug!Draco, as per PsychoB's instructions, teehee. It's just a bit of R-rated silliness, really. But no mpreg this time, ahahah.

`Coming Clean' - sequel - R - because Draco's mum taught him to clean behind his ears, no? )
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Mostly, this is to say that I've written a Ginny/Pansy fic. Yeah, I'm a bit surprised myself. Though if I was going to do any femmeslash HP pairing, it'd be that. 'Can't very well slash Hermione (my Hermione is probably more prudish than I've seen her written by -anyone-... she's just... er... not one of those hot sort of nerds, in my head). Then again, it occurs to me that I don't want -most- HP characters to get naked where I can see. It's not that there's something wrong with -them-... it's me. All me. And I don't wanna see them naked, man. Like... Luna...? Noooo. Millicent?? God no! Cho? Too whiny. Tonks? I call her "Mary Sue". Fleur? Oh, ok. Yes, I'm very very shallow.

Possibly... the only wanna-see-her-nekkid girl would be Lily, actually. I'd slash her, man. But with -who-? Also, hate the whole not-meant-to-be-with-anyone-'cause-she's-married-and-dead thing. Also, I'm so not down with the Lily/Narcissa. Although. Hmmmmm... pretty.... *coughs* But anyway. Where was I? Oh yes. Femmeslash. The H/D of femmeslash, even. Has H/D -in- it, actually... but not really enough to advertise.

So yeah-- femmeslash. Lacking several keywords that you'll (almost) never see me use 'cause they're so bloody awful: clit, vagina, vulva, pussy, nub, vaginal fluid, juices (!!), muff (just in case), clitoris, hole, channel, love-channel, center, womb, passage, sweet funky heaven.... Yeah, I just wanted to say all that. I have no shame. And my favorite word for "it"? Is now quim ('cunt' is now dethroned) :D :D

`The Golden Rules' - Ginny/Pansy - NC-17 - Wherein deals are made, rules are broken, and revenge is served with a smile. )
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I was wrong, I think, about being able to write oodles of B/S. I -feel- their dynamic, pretty instinctively, but... Spike, basically... is rather far away from me. And it doesn't help that I don't know the canon as well as I should. And also, it took me months upon months to feel comfortable with H/D, to really get a feel for their voices, long after I had a feel for their dynamic. I dunno if I ever want to go through that for any other pairing ever again.

It's such a commitment, really, emotionally tuning yourself to characters that matter to you. Like you're playing an instrument and if you've got a good ear, you feel you need to hit all the notes just right. And for that, you need practice, practice, practice.

Anyway. So yeah, I wrote one, but it's not gonna be a habit.

Buffy fic: `A Dance for Tomorrow' - B/S - life goes on, even when it doesn't. )
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Er. Well. How to I explain... er... excuse this. I wrote it in the last 20-30 minutes or so. Could be anything. Is probably Spike & Buffy, but then, I'm obsessive like that and everything looks green when I've got green on my mind. That sort of thing. It's probably embarrassingly over-the-top and angsty and "whoa, woe" sort of, but. It's not even fanfic... hahah, the wonders of never naming anyone directly. Isn't it great?

Anyway, don't wanna babble. Here goes.

`After the Fire' - Buffy/Spike if you want it to be. Mostly just metaphors run amok, really. )
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I found this site with wonderful reviews of Season 6 eps, and now I'm all "wah!!" even about the ones I'd sort of wished never existed. My god. Maybe it's just easier to love Season 6 in retrospect, I dunno. What I do know is that it blows me away, now.

The two of them just break my heart, and I think I wrote this H/D fic kind of about Buffy and Spike, because I can't write about -them-, and everything is a metaphor to me anyway. *sigh* Isn't it funny that I just wrote an H/D angst fic and all I can think about is still Buffy and Spike? Hah. Anyway... um... not beta'd or anything. Mostly just my state of mind right about now, if anyone's interested.

`Love for the Strong' - H/D - R - You always hurt the ones you love. )
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Fear and love go together for me, hand in hand, always tearing at each other and staring coldly across the room. Fear/love, that's my OTP. No real person will ever actually be enough for me, 'cause I'll always be imagining pieces of them, attaching them on like wings for Icarus.

`Wings for Icarus' - really rather strange Peter Pan fanfic. Heeeee! <333333 Some of you might like it. Or not. Why did I write it, anyway? )
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I saw `Peter Pan'. I loved it. I also had severe problems with with it. No, there isn't going to be a review. Nitpicking is both too easy and kind of pointless. I realized I could easily write (more) Peter Pan fanfic, however.

For some reason this made me ponder why I write in a particular fandom.

That aside, mostly I just wanted to post the fic. I just wrote it in a half-asleep daze at about 5am today, after seeing the movie. I have all these issues with the ending, mostly because I'm so invested in Barrie's ending, bittersweet and problematic and painful as it is for me. I'm obsessed with Wendy waiting, always -waiting-, and Peter coming back too late. So anyway. There you go. Fic.

`Impossible Things' - Peter Pan fanfic - Because everyone has to learn not to wish for what they cannot have.... )
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I know there's a number of you who won't read this 'cause it's H/D, so. Um. I love you anyway. But since I'm not prolific enough for write a pairing for everyone, I'll just-- um-- pretend it's the thought that counts. :-?

I wrote fic as a sort of Christmas present to y'all-- well, I mean, what else can I do? Heh. And look ma, no porn!

`By the Book' - H/D - R - A Malfoy Christmas story. <3 )


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