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Believe it or not, I have some more Harry Potter stories up my sleeve. I'm working on a cracky Draco/Hermione fic, I'm still planning to finish my Death Eater!Draco epic (started before it was canon! heh) sometime before I die and/or when I get inspired by the next movie, and I'm posting the Harry/Draco & Harry/Ginny longfic I finished this winter.

I honestly dunno if anyone reads this lj, or rather, friended me with any expectation of fic; I'm mostly posting this for my own benefit. It's just like the early days when I had an lj but wasn't in fandom, posting messed up H/D into the void. I don't even know where to go anymore to publicize my fic if I wanted to. I dunno if want to. It's one twisted little thing. Some bits you may recognize (reworked) from previous fics, more than half is new.

It's my attempt at really dealing with H/G in an H/D context seriously. It's an AU. It's one seriously crazy, messed up relationship, but hey. Here we go again.

'Body Marks': Draco Malfoy was always a thorn in Harry's side. A constant in his life, giving him something to fight against… self-definition. So what happens when definitions break down, and only the hated, wanted body remains? )
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Sooo, uhhh, I wrote a fic. :-?

Maybe. Yes. For Big Bang. And...


My only 'traditional' H/D get-together longfic. EVER!! :D

`Night Falls' - H/D - 1/8 - wherein we first encounter rings of power, mysterious dreams, difficult sleeping arrangements and prologues. )
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Ahhh I wrote another angst!ficlet. Y'know, my usual, I really can't help it sometimes.

Oh man, oh man. What do I even say. *facepalm* Oh right, H/D. A little porny.

And Longing, Longing, Longing-- (In between breaths, in another world, he watched him.) )
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If I said, I need you like this
it would be untrue, so believe
the things I cannot tell you live
under my skin; ask me to prove it, go on --
Just try me, fucker -- I will.


Hurts, you say, playing innocent
the curve of your mouth too obscene
I can't hear the words; can't see the glint in your eyes --
I can't see you lying, in the dark.

I wish you'd listen. No. I wish you'd stand still
and see what I see (in you) at the end of the day
head resting in your arms, Madam Pince five steps away
but I don't move as you breathe out
empty syllables like trust.


You're best silent, boy
My Father told me in time and you only mime
go on, go -- can't say my name even now. Righteous bastard.
Nothing to see here.


Tastes like poison, but you can scream all right
hand on your heart -- Promise? --
my tongue in your mouth
as if I want to cure you -- So try me.


(You will.)


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