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if i were to make it um... more fulfilling in the porn dept., it'd be... a lot longer. it has been noted many a time that h/d realism requires foreplay. a lot... of foreplay. *snickers*


`Sooner Or Later' - H/D - R - Semi-Angsty Semi-Smutty Fic For The Loffly Sara's Birthday )
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you have been warned.
    this is fluff. more fluff. and then even more fluff. this is just a spur of the moment drabble-type-thing for [ profile] starlitefaerie, and um. i'm posting it because i have no shame. and also, look at the fluff! i shame myself.
    but then, this is just a 10-minute.... thing. that's all.
    and to think i'd written a surprising amount of -other- stuff today (on a roll, baby), and it wasn't like this at -all-, and now everyone's gonna think i'm off my game and maybe i am, but you know. er. meep?

`the eleventh star' - h/d - did i mention fluff? )
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this is all silvia's fault. ahahaha!
okay, no, no, it's my fault. but! it's because she encouraged me, so there. ha!

anyway, i wrote a cute fumbly ron/hermione smutlet (i know. weird.)

`maintenance' - r/hr - NC-17? - for silvia, because she brings the lurve. )
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anyway... i was like-- i'm not reading anyone's fanfic, because i need to study. i'm not replying in any depth, because i need to study. i'm not, i'm not....

and then this first sentence came into my head and it -tortured- me until i wrote it, and i wasn't going to post it (because, gah, this has no right to live, and it sucks, and i just-- well-- it has no excuses). but anyway. writing non-con is an issue for me, because i think it's such a difficult thing to tackle, and because i can't pretend i can do it justice, and because non-con pr0n is... well... it's just difficult, is all.

and i suppose it's because it's difficult that i want to know just how i've failed, even though this isn't betaed and... well. i mean, this is a short fic, and who cares, anyway, and i know it has no "plot", and. but i don't think a plot would make it that much more palatable to me, so. i dunno. i have issues. this probably sucks.

but, sara wanted me to write non-con, and obviously i can't. sigh.

`linger' - H/D - probably NC-17, probably not recommended reading for pretty much anyone, and not recommended writing for -me-, and i should really get going to class, so blah. )
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i dunno. meep? and, yes, it's harry/hermione even though my het!harry default is harry/ginny (not because i ship it but because it requires no thought). but, this is kinda sorta in kassie's world (though only in a meta sort of way), so. heh. actually, harry/cho would be interesting here. it didn't occur to me. but... cho is a whole different ballgame. so anyway, enough blather.

`in between' - pg13, probably - H/Hr & H/D and a tad of R/Hr, kinda sorta. )
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i don't know -why- the hell i turned it into a ficlet, but there you go. the muse is fickle. admittedly, they seem to be more sleepy than normal, but what the hell, -i'm- more sleepy than normal, and i think it shows >:D<

but still. semi-realistic (i hope!) boy-smut. rejoice. H/D though. heh. i'd have to actually -try-, to write anything else ;)
    and wah, am i frighteningly prolific lately, or what? ><;;

`morning run' - yah, yah, bad title, but hey, it's the smut that counts, right? - H/D, NC-17, ficlet. )
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i just couldn't think of anything Really Wrong on the spot. i mean, lots of things are silly (dobby/lucius) and lots of things are just too difficult (harry/sirius or something). er. forgive me? maybe i'm hopeless, after all. though if you -do- want that harry/sirius, i have something... er... started. ahem.

it's not (too) fluffy though. er. i hope. -.-

this is `fighting dirty' - unbetaed - H/D. not fluff! ahahahahahah. )
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er. so. because i'm a sucker for smutfic, and drabbles, and challenges, and--

ok, nevermind, i was just procrastinating. i wrote a smut drabble though. and, because i am the mastah of my lj, i am posting it (muwahaha, etc, etc.)

`slam' - h/d - short and sweet, baby )
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that fic should really be a huge embarrassment to me, shouldn't it? ha. although, who's to say i've ever done better? but yah. yah. i wrote obsessive!angsty!deep!draco. it was v. v. sad ><;;
    anyway, just wrote a drabble. h/d, but not really. mostly ginny/pansy, ahahaha. for regret. )
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well, i didn't read ivy's `rose red' until today. and it's just nearly perfect the way it is, but i could see what she means about getting them together, and of course, i can't resist a challenge, eheheheh. ahem.

so here goes my attempt at an ending for `rose red'. um. i'm not too happy with it, but it's so -long-, i just sort of have a sick fascination with how it turned out... )
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i was inspired to write something, to challenge myself to sound less dorky myself, if i could. i don't know if i succeeded. in fact, writing ron in -any- context has never been a piece of cake for me (this is probably 90% of why i ship neither harry/ron nor draco/ron-- i couldn't write ron to save my life). so, this isn't really all that ron-like. but at least it's not what you normally come across. i -think-.

so. `telling ron'- an hp coming out fic. no pairing. w00t! i wrote gen slash, eheheheh. )
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anyway. so it is somewhat strange my dream is to read/write the Ultimate Version of harry and draco. but in the end, i just want to write what i truly believe. i want to find out what that is. i want to speak in the voices of these characters, i want to really -find- their voices within me.
    and maybe i can just write it as i see it. This Is How It Must've Been, like a reconstruction, a piecing back together of a theoretical history of their love. This is Why. like a game with moves and counter-moves, that dance of emotion and action that ends up with the flowering of realization. there are the constraints of character, of their situations, of the presence of secondary characters, parents, foes, teachers. by the presence of end result, of desired dynamic, of given outside circumstances, you should be able to add in your own imagination and vision, and achieve the story you believe should be written.... or not. *sigh*

anyway. a cookie from `tangent'-- which isn't what i believe, but nonethelesss it is a piece of it.... )
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so that's sort of silly. i do rant about oocness, but usually that's because it's also overly sweet or unrealistic in general, and not very well-written. you can't even -have- a well-written draco paired with harry, in a semi-hopeful relationship, and have him be jkr's draco, as of the fourth book. granted, the Trilogy wasn't supposedly trying to pair harry & draco (hah!), but it -was- trying to write a whole 3 books about him, and well-- canon!draco wouldn't sit well with that sort of attention. *sigh* but anyway. defending the Trilogy is about as stupid as ranting about its badness. so i won't. except to say, i don't see how you can love harry & draco and dislike it, because their love sort of drenches it like ... like some sort of buttery drench-ey thing ^^

anyway. h/d ficlet inspired by DV 11. can't seem to stop these. sigh. tell me if it sucks. no, really. )


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