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I blame Abaddon. AHAHAHAHAHAH.
- - - - -
- through the sky -

your face always shuts, never to open
but there is a spell for this--
every day i'm smaller until i'm a thing-- death--
and you die. just like i will,
except you won't, arms blown wide
through the sky, you'd land feet first.

i chased the stars for you
and you always turned away
burning like the sun and moon besides
with your ring of trusted planets
which i would have destroyed
could i have but touched.

a fairy-tale for the dying:
your hand on my arm, rubbing my sins away
and i can't even look at you
long enough to hate--
close enough to love
so tell me again. tell me i deserved it.

it's better this way--
dead before we're rotten.
you lie with your whole body
as your fingers press my eyelids shut
you won't show your true face
and i won't stop seeing.

your face always shuts.
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If I said, I need you like this
it would be untrue, so believe
the things I cannot tell you live
under my skin; ask me to prove it, go on --
Just try me, fucker -- I will.


Hurts, you say, playing innocent
the curve of your mouth too obscene
I can't hear the words; can't see the glint in your eyes --
I can't see you lying, in the dark.

I wish you'd listen. No. I wish you'd stand still
and see what I see (in you) at the end of the day
head resting in your arms, Madam Pince five steps away
but I don't move as you breathe out
empty syllables like trust.


You're best silent, boy
My Father told me in time and you only mime
go on, go -- can't say my name even now. Righteous bastard.
Nothing to see here.


Tastes like poison, but you can scream all right
hand on your heart -- Promise? --
my tongue in your mouth
as if I want to cure you -- So try me.


(You will.)
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I want to think you hate this, so
I've drunk down your cock;
I don't need to, but--



Skinny hips flail, next to smother me
you don't break if-- & you don't speak when
I bite your dirty mouth but kiss your thigh

Even Marked you're something (beautiful)
you only eat your words
and my ears ring; it's enough.

I lick down your cheek slow
and hot-- drop by salty drop
because your eyes still hate me

Mouth shut, like a living statue
legs bent wide open; you're volcanic,
incandescent (you know what I want)

It flows through you (into me)
the hot current-- tastes like fear or death,
but it's strong like sex.


I feel you stare through my back
and your mouth, bitter like snakeroot
with all your curses gathered silent.

my eyes glued open, I can't see your face
dig deeper, and you'd pierce to hide
you alone underneath my skin.

NOTE - Snakeroot: "psychic divorce" herb. Use when you want to be rid of a person or thing.
I didn't actually know this when I used the name, however o_0


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