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Sooo, uhhh, I wrote a fic. :-?

Maybe. Yes. For Big Bang. And...


My only 'traditional' H/D get-together longfic. EVER!! :D

`Night Falls' - H/D - 1/8 - wherein we first encounter rings of power, mysterious dreams, difficult sleeping arrangements and prologues. )
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Um. Sooo... I wrote an H/D fic just now. I don't know what to say about it. I'm sort of stunned. It probably sucks, I dunno, but. Hey, I'm amazed I feel like it's finished in some way. Mostly, it's a response against the whole... um, limp-noodle post-HBP!Draco phenomenon that drives me up the wall.

I have tried hard to like limp-noodle!Draco. These are the... um, rather disturbing results of my attempt at reconciliation (and/or mockery). HBP H/D. I sort of want to laugh at myself. Who am I kidding, I -am- laughing at myself. *facepalm*

`The Evolution Principle' - H/D - Draco woke up without his anger one summer day after he'd become a man.... )
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I don't actually know if I can write a straight-forward love-story, so you can pretty much count on things not being what they seem. I wish them to be happy and I wish -you- to be happy, but much more so, I would wish for honesty, for self-knowledge. Love will come. Peace will come. In the beginning (or is that the end?), there is acceptance. If you keep being you, then nothing can stop you, you know? I believe that.

Fic, for Amalin ~ `The Beginning' - H/D ~ wherein things are not what they seem. )
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So um... this is random. [ profile] suckeriove asked me to write a `Harry the Dirty Dog' drabble, possibly with `Draco the Messy Dragon' thrown in for good measure o_0 It was my own fault, I assure you, however.

I just wrote this in a bit of a flurry, the past half an hour. It got a bit too long to paste in a comment to her, so here 'tis. Not really a -fic-, per se, but hey. I've never actually written 11 year-old Draco before. Whad'ya know. First time for everything. o_0

`Harry the Dirty Dog' - first-year!Draco - mirrors! weirdness! - PGness! - drabblage! ...Don't ask me why. Please. -.- )
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wah. i can't stand it.
but i'm done.

still awake! ahaha. if a little on the falling over side. anyway. the fic might obviously not make sense in places. forgive ><;;

plus, the title sucks, really. a lot. but oh well.

`mythical' - lucius/narcissa and it ain't fluff, baby :D )


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