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Fear and love go together for me, hand in hand, always tearing at each other and staring coldly across the room. Fear/love, that's my OTP. No real person will ever actually be enough for me, 'cause I'll always be imagining pieces of them, attaching them on like wings for Icarus.

`Wings for Icarus' - really rather strange Peter Pan fanfic. Heeeee! <333333 Some of you might like it. Or not. Why did I write it, anyway? )
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i don't know when it became "het" love, to me. and when... when i forgot my initial dreams of just there being stories about "you" and "me". and a prince could love the princess, or he could love a prince. like in those late-19th-century art-deco-ish fairytale book illustrations, by arthur rackham and edmund dulac and kay nielsen and so on.
i still identify with the pale maiden, sitting alone under a tree, singing to her lost love. it wasn't really about the ending, it was about the searching. "i would cross rivers and mountains and endless deserts for you"...
   every now and then, i just need to replenish that, my source of inspiration, the well of my dreams.

so here's me free-associating and going nuts with internal dream-world imagery. turned out well, i think. clickety-click if you wanna )
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just recently i was writing self-deprecating-but-not-quite-pathetic stories. i still didn't know where i was going, but at least... at least...that seemed like a good thing. sort of like, i could write the beginnings and leave the endings for someone else. good trick, huh? i don't have to get pathetic, because i refuse to go beyond the first stage. then i started my other hp story, set "after" a relationship fizzled. ick. it's fun to write but it's really sapping me, it seems, in the "true romance" vibe dept. i dunno if this means i should -stop-. hm.

here goes a happyish beauty&the beast ficlet i just wrote. yeay for happy endings, etc etc... )


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